PIA adds new UCR & GCR Color Separation course


Staff member
PIA has launched a new UCR and GCR for Color Separation course to their iLearning Center. The course is designed to promote the understanding of why UCR & GCR are necessary when converting images from RGB to CMYK, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The course covers the following:
  • Color gamut comparison & RGB versus CMYK color spaces,
  • How color is separated, gamut compression, and rendering intent,
  • Under color Removal (UCR) color separation techniques,
  • Gray component replacement (GCR) color separation techniques,
  • Comparing UCR and GCR, when, why and how to use.
The course is available to PIA members as a free benefit of membership. For more information contact Joe Marin at jmarin@printing.org.

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