Pitstop Action to crop a BLEED to make non bleed?


So as of today I had never played around with actions, then realized so much we do manually for every job can be done by ACTION! So I created an action to reduce a PDF to get .25" white borders on all sides, however alot of our artwork comes in set with bleed and crop marks and I have to make it NON BLEED with .25" white border. In the past I would crop in InDesign to 8.5 x 11 then reduce the % to get the white borders. In Pitstop I can find out how to change the bleed PDF to 8.5 x 11 cropped by using action "Change Crop Box", but then when I use my action to reduce the job % to get the .25" white borders the whole art (Including the bleed and crop marks) reduce as well and show back up in the new 8.5 x 11 document. Basically I would want to select everything outside of the crop area and REMOVE IT so that the art size would be 8.5 x11 then reduce from there. Any ideas how to do this properly? Thanks in advance for the help!
Pitstop Pro version 13, not exactly sure what you are asking for the sample file, screenshot? Thanks Stephen.

He's asking for a PDF exhibiting the behavior you described (with sensitive information removed if need be) so he can try out a potential solution on your file.
It's a slightly different approach needed as the Crop Box does not do a hard crop, think of it as a mask.
I'll try and put and action together for you. Just to understand better what are you using the result for, is it some kind of customer proof?
Well for all our non bleed jobs we print with .25" white borders most are client supplied files for newspaper inserts that come already designed with bleed so we crop off the bleed and reduce the art before going to press.
Here give this Action List a try.

You are on the right track to start playing with Actions, they are so powerful and will transform the way you use PitStop.
You might want to take a lot at our Monthly training workshops and also our PitStop user group on Linkedin.
There's lots of good information, and with the workshops a platform where you can ask questions and get feedback.
Thanks, not working for me since I have an older version of pitstop than you. See my screenshot and see if there is an action missing, I tried to re-create yours and it just deleted everything. Thanks for the help.


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I see that now, we made improvements to the scaling and resizing actions in a later version. That's why it's not importing.

It's the ability to resize the masked object to a defined size (8 x 10.5) that's missing. That gives you the white borders.


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