Please help. Addick 9995 issue


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I tried posting this before got no response, we have a abdick 9995 ryobi built unit with wierd toning issues and washing out issues. We though we figured it out with the water form but that fix was only on small coverage.

Things we observed. When we turn on water form roller the operator side does not fall all the way to the cam something stops it from getting any fatter of a stripe water form mark to plate.

Yet it's that same side thst is washing out and over wattering.

The middle to non operator side is darker then lighter on the edge od the non operator side as well. yet all the form stripes are even operator to non operator side.

Perviously the toning was in the same spot ad the middle to slightly toward the non operator side.

What we have attempted, replaced water meter roller. All soft ink rollers, all form rollers, and adjusted as per book for nip mesurements, adjusted squeeze for water roller and nip to form for water form and nip from meter roller too. All those check out.

Using Braden sutphin inks, and tried a few fountain solutions all have the same result that leads us to believe it's machine issues.

Also the toning was not the same as before we changed things. We originaly changed all the ink rollers because the machine was left sit for 13 years.

So anyone I need help fixing this issue. If you are near oakland md, I will pay if you can help fix it in person. And willing to pay some what for the info.
Hello Sky, I would assume you are using the Ryobi water system? The one with chrome rollers etc? Very difficult system to adjust but make sure you have checked every roller for shaft wear, edge toning is usually the sponges on the pan roller not set. How are you setting the metering roller etc?
All new rollers except for hard ones, inspected shafts for wear, all looks to be in good shape. All nips match specs. Except for water form to plate it won't drop properly with the cam.

setting the rollers as per the book 2mm on meter osolator and 2mm osolator to water form. Measured according to the book and using a guage. To determine the size.

sponges that ride in the water we also changed and soaked before install.
Hi, when you check form to plate make sure you press the 3d button. You should see the water form drop to plate and the upper water unit drops down. If not there may be a bind somewhere, form end play is too tight etc.

Just dab ink on the water form or even use a strip of 20 lb. and drop water form to plate until it works properly, the arrows on the adjustment nut may be not right. They are eccentric.

Do you have a parts manual and adjustment manual? Too bad I am about a 4 hour drive to Oakland.
I have the adjustments in the operation book. I have a downloaded parts book.

The adjustments for the form do nothing to fix the hanging up of the water form. If I put the old water form in with out its gear it falls on the cam properly.

if I put the new water form or the old one in with the gear it won't fall to the cam

If I press the end of the shaft down it will touch the cam. But it won't do it on its own.

also the second head does not have this same problem.

if you knew how to fix this we would pay for the time time / education if you could make it here. We are already trying to find someone, and we know it will be a cost.

I am very mechanical and work on a lot of machines, but this is a big time head scratcher.
OK here is what I suggest, By adjusting the end play collar on the non-op side put a few thousandths of end play there, If that helps let me know. If not the form roller shaft housings have springs that weaken over time, some times that causes the issue, that water system is known for leaking fountain solution and causing rust etc, down the sides of the machine.
So the springs you speak of are located where, the only ones I see that are connected to the water form do not cause it to drop. Even swapping the ones from head 2 that works to head one same result. I fee if I can get this to drop correctly I can tune the rest of the issues. Yes I know about the water system issues but the shafts and bushings /bearings are not rusty neither is any other part of this machine I am convinced that the issue is between the roller that drives the water form (water osolator) and theven water form. Because if I take the gear off the water form. It will drop to the cam.

It’s Hard to say without seeing and watching it. Have you compared the two water form gears together? For the number of teeth etc.? You had said with a little pressure you can get the form cam follower to touch? I have attached a Jpeg for an item to check.


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It's the same gear really used from the old form roller and putting it back on the original form roller has the same result. They only time that the form falls to the cam is when there is no gear. If I press it I cam make it touch but I have press it with a lot of pressure. The picture is what I think I needed to see. I don't have a service book like that, I have a manual for operation and a book of part numbers. That might be the ticket there I will check it out tonight.

like I said we would pay to have someone come properly repair and adjust this if we can find someone to do so. We have been waiting over a week to have another place just return our call and honestly we need the extra guidance here. If you feel you can help, what would it cost to get you on site?

Every day it's down is another day behind.
I am at my wits end with this, and it's costing us money being down, we need someone that can fix it here asap and will pay for the expertise.

wenot back to the old water form again and now it's on the cam. And striping. Repaired nipped all the ink rollers and I mean all. And remember did the water nips too. Readjusted the form to plate striped on all.

and still the opside is washing out but now it's not toning so far.
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Left edge washes out.


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Oh and that was a light grey, its not suspose to be dark.

Now when I drop the water and ink rollers the first few sheets are even and color is great left to right. Then it goes light on the left edge (operator side).

I am in Oakland MD, and will pay for the service. We already contacted another press service company and it's been 3 weeks and 5 phone calls and they won't call us back, even though they billed us for a phone call, (talk about service).

we would much rather pay a company or individual to come service this so I can learn how to fix this particular issue. And anything else.

At this point I need expert help from anyone that knows this machine and thinks they can help get in touch with us if you may be able to come repair this.

In summary...

Alois, I have asked him that also. He is convinced the water form is not dropping properly when the drive gear is installed. I asked him to make sure the end play adjustment was not to tight causing a bind. Sky when that form shaft is locked in you should be able to rotate knob with little force, too tight equals end play bind.
Eccentrics are set properly. And running correct to the diagram. I have set the nip on the rollers countless times on all rollers. I was advised to check a few things today on the phone, but I hope I can get that guy to come service the machine. I feel once we it back to working that it will be maintainable.


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