Preps 6 - Cannot map colors in JDF

Justin M

Active member
Anyone that is using Preps 6, perhaps you can weigh in on this...

I'm using Preps 6 but when I print to JDF to export for plates, I select the PDF mapping option in the "General Settings." When I click on the "Color Separations" tab, I cannot deselect colors manually. For instance, if I want to deselect the die line, I can't. In Preps 5.3, I can uncheck or check any color I want. Why is this option grayed out in Preps 6?!

I've went through every Preference setting in Preps, tried different medias, different output formats, nothing works.

Anyone else have this issue? Or if you have preps 6 and don't have this issue what setttings are you using?


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