Prinergy Evo 8.2 –> Epson SC-T5200 softproof?


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Hello all, need some help!
Excause me if the question in wrong thread.

We have totally new system/software/hardware from Kodak: Dell server, Prinergy Evo 8.2 and Preps 8.4, chemical free plate machine etc. quite nice :)
Also we have Epson SC-T5200 printer for making softproofs, for us, to double check our right imposition layout and folding layout.
At the moment we have Evo template to make PDF (softproof-to-plotter) from JDF. Then we are opening PDF in Acrobat Pro and printing it manually to our Epson SC-T5200 printer.

Is it possible (if yes, then how) to make template for Evo (and hotfolder, example: \\EVO-Server\JobData\PDF) to print our layouts automatically from hotfolder to Epson SC-T5200 printer?
It's quite annoying to open PDF layout and print it manually to printer...

Thanks for your help!

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