Problem with Heidelberg PM52-5 colour rollers not lifting...

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Last year my press wiped the setting to everything on the classic centre and press controls on the press, the press was dead I could not do anything on it expect started it up, other than that it was dead, my company has now had 2 electricians out, 1s electrician put back the setting to what he thought they should be on the press, both electricians are stuped on why I am having this problem with the rollers, I can now print jobs but the problem is the damper roller will not lift off on any of the units after production has finished which then makes the press plates ink up, the only way to lift the rollers off is by stopping the press, once I have stopped the press I can drop the dampers on and off with no problem but as soon as I print a job I can not manual take the rollers off, so I was just wondering if anyone has this sort of problem on PM52-5 Colour...



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Finally did you test the power supply?
See the schematic diagrams, what cptronic do you have ?
Let me know.
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Let me know, sincerely

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