problems with fiery drivers after moving to Windows 11


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have recently updated to Windows 11.

now when using fiery driver within an application (acrobat, word etc), if i open the job properties, then when i click print, it locks up.

have tried the printer removal tool and reinstalled using latest versions. tried both enable/disable "update driver when opened" under Two-Way communication. No change.

It's only the Fiery drivers that are affected. Other printers seem to be working fine. And if i just click print in the application without opening the properties of the fiery driver, then it prints fine. But if i open properties, then that causes the lock up after clicking OK and print.

Any ideas? I have a nagging suspicion it may be security related. tried temporarily deactivating windows anti virus and firewalls but made no difference.
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Unless you can somehow restore back to the previous OS, sounds like you've covered your bases. Probably time to call EFI Support.
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