Question: Setting MBO Rollers


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So not for setting up jobs, more so the calibrating of them. I have heard two different ways of doing this.

First method is one strip of paper across all roller gap settings and then with one strip of same paper 2-3" wide, set the roller until you feel a slight tug.

Second method is with roller 1 one thickness of paper, but then when you go to do roller 2 you put one thickness in 2 and then three sheets (or a piece of chip) in 1 and 3 gap setting.

Then when you go to roller 3 you put one thickness the gap setting but 2 and 4 have three sheets (or a piece of chip) in the gap setting.

And so on.

Which method do you use?


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Pretty much method 2. Gap the rollers for the thickness that will travel through them. It takes awhile to get just right.


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So I thought so that is the method I was taught by an old MBO tech years ago. It just has been mentioned through the years that First Method one is the correct way. Just trying to gauge which one people practice and why one is better than the other.

Thanks for the response though appreciate it.

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