Rampage Client 10.5 build 10 on Snow Leopard

Anyone successfully running Rampage Client 10.5b10 on Snow Leopard?

I am having issues getting it to run.

According to Rampage, the client will run as long as I install Rosetta.

I have done so, but still no luck.

Any thoughts?

Although I am not answering your question I can tell you that Rampage Client 11.1.0b7 works under OSX10.6.3 running Rosetta, so I would expect lower versions of the client would work too.

You're connected to your RamVol via AFP, right?

Matt Louis


Hi Matt,

No I wasn't. Figured it out a little while ago.

This is my first experience with the intel macs and the connection protocol completely slipped my mind, until someone mention SMB in another forum.

But, as an aside, in Rampage world the lower versions would be less likely to run, as Rampage does not go back and update older builds once they have released a new one. So if an OS comes out that is incompatible with an older client they would not go back and update the client for the new OS.

Thanks for the reply.



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