RCON startup task failed.


Hello, I've been working with a Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum for a couple of years now and besides it's quirks it has done the job, that is until yesterday when all of a sudden it decided that it wouldn't work and when trying to access the GUI it spits out this error: "RCON startup task failed" the the rconserver.exe fails and then the gui.
I've tried the fix that someone else posted in this forum some years back about changing the cable from port 7 to port 8 the editing the .bat file to reflect this change but that didn't help as there was no change in the error. I've taken out the card and re-seated it. checked that all connections are properly plugged in but other than that I've no idea what could be wrong from working one day to the next just not doing anything.

The machine is in a properly cooled area and other than some quirks hasn't presented any serious problems until yesterday.

Viprofix was my tech support but sadly they've closed up. Any one know of someone (preferably near California/Baja California) that knows how to fix this kind of things?

I'm attaching some screenshots, perhaps someone has an inkling of what could be wrong.

Thank you.


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Check your 48 volts dc power supply.
Be sure to have the interlock keys on slots

You should have two 48 volts power supply.

1) laser electronics control
2) Laser power

If need help let me know


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