Really strange issue with my Xerox 550....


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Our Xerox 550 is putting a line across the centre of a specific (& popular) poster but ONLY in A3 size.

A4 prints fine with no issue.

The artwork is as it should be but the line is noticeably darker than it should be when printed.

I've tried the following but I seem to of ruled out everything....

Artwork: It can't be the artwork as I've tried about 10 different versions of it & the line stays the same. It does not respond to artwork tweeks & stays in the same place.
Paper: It shows on all A3 paper from different batches, on gloss & uncoated.
Trays: I've tried all trays which A3 fits & no change
Fusers: It's not the fusers as i've switched them, the mark stays the same.
Drums: I've switched the colour drums around, but they're fairly new & the issue is specific to this poster only & only in A3
Paper direction: I've changed all the settings which affect the way the paper goes through the machine but nothing changes.
Layout: If you use magnification instead of fit to scale the line moves slightly.
Paper Jammed in the machine: No, I've checked all over.
Toners: Removed & replaced but no change.

I realise this is an unusual one. Pic to follow.

I'm totally baffled & thought i'd see if anyone could help before I call an engineer in the morning.

Thanks, Karl.

bill kahny

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If the mark(line) moves with magnification it must be image related. Try something extreme rotate the image 90 to the previous print. I have to think all 10 versions have the same underlining issue that your small tweeks aren't affecting.


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The line across the snout is the problem. It doesn't go whatever you do & it can't be the artwork.


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I've seen a similar line and I usually call in our print tech on it. It could be that it *is* happening on your other print jobs but this particular color combination is highlighting the issue. Usually has something to do with (specific part I don't know what the name of is but I can point to it on the printer). It's a big wide black band that has to be replaced periodically due to wear.


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I think it's called the transfer belt...I think that maybe if it were then the line would be in different places each print but this is in the same spot each time. I do think you're right about there being something about this combination of colours though.

I've contacted our service people anyway & they're trying to recreate the issue using our files. If that doesn't work it's another engineer visit :)

I'll update with the solution when I get it.

Thanks for your thoughts, Karl


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Have you tried printing the color separations to see if it's in on particular color? In the Fiery you can go on the image tab and check which colors you want to print.


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It looks very like a similar imperfection we get on our V80 which is basically the paper "juddering" the transfer assembly at a certain point and causes a line for each colour in a specific point of the page. Now you would only get this on weights over 250gsm as the tail of paper flicks within the 2nd transfer roller. The point will always be in the exact same spot on the paper. Black is always about 30mm from tail, with cyan about 120mm before that, and magenta same again, yellow same again but you never see.

Flip your image 180 and see if it's in the same spot, that will eliminate the above, and more than likely the machine being the problem, and lead you more to the artwork. Also what weight paper are you using, a light weight stock shouldn't show this problem either.


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Engineer replaced the black drum, the BTR, Checked the image belt, reseated all of the toners, changed the Cyan & Black developer tanks but the printer somehow still has an issue with this artwork.

It's fine at A4 with no line but at A3 it's a big issue. He did partially blaim the artwork but it's impossible for it to be that as the lien just isn't there in the pdf & We've both looked thoroughly. Also I had another printer print it large format & the line isn't present.

Last thing to try is to make the artwork lighter in the area of the pdf where the line appears, bit desperate but needs must.

It seems to be that the printer can't handle the blues in the centre area alongside the darker area to the sides.

We've signed for a new versant 180 today so hopefully it won't be an issue much longer.



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Have you tried printing the color separations to see if it's in on particular color? In the Fiery you can go on the image tab and check which colors you want to print.
The engineer did this, there was a line in the black test print out at around the same place the print has issues with this poster but changing the black drum & the developer tank changed nothing sadly.

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