Round creasing lines


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We haven been asked to manufacture a "pillow box" (see image w/ dieline attached) and were wondering how to handle the round creasing lines (to be creased/diecut on a Heidelberg Tiegel). Any input on this topic much appreciated!

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Bret Hesler

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You need to have a die made. They laser cut grooves in plywood and bend cutting and creasing rules to fit the shape.

By the way. I never heard of a Tiegel press. We call them Windmills in the US.
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Hi Bret, thank you for your reply and the picture.

Making a die would be the first step (clear to me, we have done this before). In your example, the creasing lines are all straight. The question was about the curved creasing lines – the creasing matrix is usually rigid, thus it's not possible to follow the curved line.

I was thinking to possibly use a tool with male/female moulds, similar to blind embossing.

Regarding Tiegel: tiegel heidelberg - Google Search - we're probably talking about the same thing.

Bret Hesler

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Ah, yes, the female part of the die would be a counter. Where you probably use matrix for straight creasing channels.


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Take a look at how accucut does theirs, the pillowboxes are a fairly standard ask and they have at least one off the shelf die for them.

Here is the video for that die:
I just use masking tape (a few layers) where matrix won't work. Just need to keep an eye on it and replace the masking tape from time to time.
Ask your diemaker to make a counter die for the scores. Or cut them in using red fiberboard. If it's short run, you could try the masking tape method above....


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