Versant 80 - Fiery - Booklet Printing - Pause


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we have a Fuji Xerox Versant 80 and our Fiery RIP, we've always had this issue, even with the 700 before this and no Tech has been able to give us an answer.

if we're printing a booklet with a fold and staple finish, the covers coming from one tray on a thicker stock. There's a pause in-between it printing each booklet and grabbing the cover. The machine sounds like it resets or just waits. it can slow the process down to about half speed.

if we print using the same stock, even if the stock is heavier, the machine runs smooth, as soon as one booklet finishes it's on to the next.

is there a way of tricking the machine to print without the pause? i know the techs have told us to tell the press that it's not a heavier stock for the cover, but this can be hit and miss with jams and print quaility etc.

anyone have any experience on this or any workarounds?

It's because the fuser must change temperature between the two sheets, which if it doesn't it, as you said, will give quality issues. I do not know of any workaround besides printing the covers first and using the interposer module on the finisher.
Thanks for that, i find that the press grabbing a preprinted cover is just as slow (maybe not, quite) but i'll give it a shot and time the difference. Cheers
On our 2100, we turn on productivity mode, and it runs at what seems to be full speed. I haven't noticed any decline in quality.
The Versant 80i will have it, from what I know. Our J75 has productivity mode, but it still slows down. I'm pretty sure it's a feature of the 2100 and above.
We have had this issue on our 700 and the solution is to print the covers separately and insert them with when the text pages are run. We can put the covers either in the interposer (tray 8) or in another tray. If we use another tray, we tell the 700 that the pre-printed covers are the same weight and finish as text. We have not had any jams using this strategy. It seems like the sum of the two runs is faster than a single run with heavier covers. I haven't actually timed one, though.
We had the same problem with our 700i with paused to allow for fuser heat up and cool down. So we fixed this by pre printing the covers and inserting them from the Bypass Tray. We do the same again with our KM Press which does everything about twice as fast because of rated speed.


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