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01-11-2018, 02:28 PM
After 4 years of printing on the Impressia, I found out I was feeding #10's wrong, now I print flap up and to the back of the enterprise feeder. No problem.

We recently purchased a new Impressia, but the #10 feed in flap closed and facing the printer. Your description above sounds just the opposite.


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One thing I found that you may find useful. I had a problem with envelopes jamming just inside the fuser. Plain paper would run through just fine, so nothing stuck in there. I finally found out that the PDF from the customer was the wrong size by just a hair. Changed the size in iQueue and it ran fine. The problem is, the machine didn't give me a clue, it just said it was a paper jam. It took me an hour of trying everything to just take a wild guess and it worked. Here's hoping that if you run into that, maybe you won't have to waste as much time as I did. I wish the machine would give you a "wrong size" message like other printers do.


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I'm lucky, my rep, Sid, has been very helpful, he told me about the paper size when I first got it. We purchased the HWC/Platemaker last February and they even fixed a driver so I could print from 2 color jobs from my Mac right into iQueue to out put to plates.


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