Xeikon Launches a Fusion Embellishment Unit


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The latest addition to their digital label equipment portfolio is the Xeikon Fusion Embellishment Unit (Xeikon FEU)—based on MGI technology. Xeikon’s FEU—a stand-alone solution—provides UV-spot varnish, tactile varnish, foiling, 3D textures and holograms, across a wide range of substrates including: clear-on-clear, common BOPP, paper facestock, up to natural structured papers.

As a stand-alone solution, the FEU can embellish printed materials originating from different technologies. It is also able to pre-print foil onto substrates. Optionally Xeikon’s FEU can be equipped with a semi-rotational die cut unit, delivering fully embellished & finished labels. Using inkjet technology, any defined label area can receive spot-UV varnish with or without raised 3D texture effects. Similarly, for foiling applications the digital label area can receive digitally controlled foil with or without raised 3D effects.

Commercially available in Europe & North America in October 2020, label printers with portfolios of wine, premium beer, gourmet food, spirits and health & beauty labels will be able to achieve fast proofing of new designs with greater speed to market.


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