Xerox OHCF Envelope Printing (Versant 180)


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The envelope feeder kit helped us as well, at least the little piece that holds down the "paper detection sensor" - That made it so that at least the versant wouldn't keep saying it had no paper.
This is great advice @DevostD

I totally forgot about this tip a Xerox tech gave me once. If you don't have the envelope kit, get a piece of opaque tape (like painters tape or electrical, not transparent tape) and place it over the paper detection sensor in your tray. This will make the machine always think there is paper in the stack, sometimes the envelopes curl just right or are lifted by the flaps in a way that causes the tray to report that it's empty when it definitely is not. Then it'll keep lifting and be a bit better at feeding envelopes.


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So, after many years with the versant 180, I think I figured out the trick to make it work from Tray 6. Assuming you have the envelope kit, just press the envelops, give it a squeeze, and get the air out. It seems opposite of running from offset press. I just ran 6k booklet envelopes. I could only load it about 3/4 high. Also tried running A7 from t6, It should not work but it does. I have to rotate the flap away since our machine nixes the corner of the flap.


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