XMF and Fuji Acuity


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How well would XMF work with Fuji's wide-format injkets such as the Acuity UV "hybrid" printer (which we are looking at)? Fuji bundles a RIP and offers a RIP upgrade to ColorGate, but it is unclear whether or not XMF works with this kind of machine.


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the RIP that comes with the acuity is a joke we have had one for about 1 1/2 we had the third one in the us for the model we have.

From what I understand color gate is an awesome product several people have recommended it to us. We are right now looking into moving all our large format to color gate.

we are discussions with moving from RAMpage to XMF. and it seems pretty straight forward for either RIP. XMF has some cool features like layers that can be useful

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