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Informaration about sm52 2 colors 2000

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  • Informaration about sm52 2 colors 2000

    Hi, please i have a gto 52 1 color and i wanna debelop my business , i waana buy a heidekberg sm52 2 colors 2000 , it's a good choice or not ? I choose straight or perfector ? Wich one have no les problem ?
    thank you for your answering

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    The perfector will cost you more coin, all other things being equal. The perfector will have many more moving parts. The perfector will require a little more maintenance. The perfecter will require an additional pump to operate when in perfect mode. You will encounter limitations as to what jobs can be perfected with good results. Its my feeling that you give up a little straight printing quality when you run jobs on a perfector as a result of the impression cylinder jackets required to minimize wet side down smearing while perfecting. All that being said id recommend that you match your press needs to the workload you currently have, along with any not too distant future needs


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