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    How do you pronounce GRACoL?

    Snap, GRACoL, SWOP - like the 3 little mascots say.
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    Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud

    I'm not sure I understand David. Adobe CS is obviously software that runs on both Mac and PC platforms. What does building your own PC have to do with using Adobe software? What software do you use in-house? What do you do with 16 gigs of RAM? (Since the thread is on Adobe CS, we won't get...
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    Creative Suite - from PC to Mac

    This isn't my experience with Adobe.
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    Workflow vs Kodak

    wow, there might be a lot of love for the current King of Workflows > Prinergy, but make sure you do your homework on the company behind what you buy. Is Kodak going to be around 5 years from now? Your original question asked about Fuji's workflow. I've heard a lot of good things from Rampage...
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    Does anyone have PTI Fusion pro for sale

    Sorry, request seemed weird to me. Haven't heard of second-hand copies of FusionPro Desktop being resold before. Is that even legal? I guess it could be (although, I know you probably would need to contact PTI support to release the machine-specific registration). Not sure that I would sell...
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    How do I know what version to open with CS'ssss

    +1 for Soxy here as well.
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    Adobe CS versions

    We use Rorohiko's Soxy. Love it!
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    Apple App Store for Macintosh

    In related news, Quark Launches App Studio for iPad Publishing
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    CS5 on MAC: What is best hardware?

    We now have four of these. You get the best buy from the Apple Refurb Store.
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    microsoft to buy adobe

    Maybe not "game-changing", but the XBOX is a MS product that is at least in the right train station.
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    AppleTalk Printers don't work in Snow Leopard

    Yeah, this threw me off too. I think the intent was CS5 on a G5.
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    Droid 2.2

    Ah. (edited to make the post longer)
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    Droid 2.2

    hmm. Verizon hasn't released 2.2 for the X yet. you must be special.

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