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    Duplo 646 and crack n peel

    We've had 646 for 4 years. We don't "cut" label stock with it but we kiss cut vinyl label stock using the cross perf tool (CPM) and rotary tool module (RTM) with the kiss cut blades installed. If you can maintain the habit of wiping the blades off after the runs just like a normal guillotine...
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    Newbie & Imposing

    One benefit to impose is the Fiery Hot Folders option, you can drop your PDF's into hotfolder and have them automatically imposed w/o spending time clicking around in Impose. All your Fiery job properties can be assigned to the hot folder as well for common jobs. We have dozens of common jobs...
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    K M C8000 replacement

    Check out the new KM 6085/6100 - it has a separate module that scans both sides of sheet for perfect front to back registration and an automated color control - no more printing and scanning sheets manually. It also duplexes heavier than 350gsm. I've run 3 live jobs on their demo machine locally...
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    how should jobs progress through Prepress departments?

    The time that the designer spends on a project is probably sold for more than the time the prepress person spends on the project. i.e hundreds of dollars for design work vs. less than $100 to prep and impose a file (before contract proofs / plates). I rather see my designer doing billable design...
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    Transparency Flatterner Preset

    Try exporting as PDF version 1.3, this should flatten the transparency. If it doesn't work as you need it to, try saving the PDF as an EPS, or save as a Postsrcipt file and use Acrobat Distiller to distill it to PDF version 1.3
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    Place multipage PDF and InDesign files into a new InDesign document

    Found a very useful tool for importing a multipage PDF or InDesign document into InDesign. Have used it successfully with CS6 this week. Placing All the Pages of a PDF Inside InDesign | InDesignSecrets Download the CS2 version to get the PDF with the instructions on how to install / use as...
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    Any thoughts on the PDF Standarizer by Alwan & Enfocus

    The only way to link these together that I know of is by hotfolders. If you need to bring some automated decision making into the workflow, Enfocus Switch would be a smart addition. Another option for color inspection is PDFToolBox Server from Callas Software. You can do some automation with...
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    Prosetter Swaydriver error

    We had the same error, it didn't lockup the Prosetter but caused the plate to eject 1/2 way through imaging. We pulled the boards the SCSI and imaging cables run into and used a pencil eraser to clean the gold contacts and reseated the boards. Been running w/o the error for 4 months now.
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    Sheetfed 74-5 back side TVI allways higher

    You may also want to try placing the color on the back so it does not print back-to-back with the front color bar. If you have enough room on the sheet move it towards or away from the gripper so it backs up to a "blank" spot on the front. The darker background created by printing the color bar...
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    PitStop Pro 10 - Grayscale Conversion

    We've been unhappy with Pistop's color conversion since Pitstop 6. In Pitstop 4 and 5 we had it nailed and then they (Enfocus or Adobe?) changed something? We've been using the LittleCMS engine option with better results but not really good enough to avoid manual intervention. We run an action...
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    Xerox 700 Tranparency Color Shift

    This tip has solved some dropshadow problems from Quark for us. If the drop shadow color is lighter than the background color uncheck the "Multiply Drop Shadow" for the item with the dropshadow.
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    Printing 2% tint - not holding on plate

    As maxon said Don't forget to check your whole process for any variability before redoing any curves at your RIP. A simple thing like old developer chemistry and can ruin it for you. Has the press changed ink, fountain solution, blanket brand/type, is a different paper being used than what you...
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    Folding 3 or 4 panel brochures

    Keep in mind there will always be some tweaking on the cutter to adjust for things like: Grain direction related to the fold (cross grain on the fold versus parallel with the grain) How long has the job sat since it came off press? If it sat 2-3 days (think weekends) and the humidity changed...
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    Printing envelopes with the Canon 7000

    Would opening the flap of the envelope work? We do it on an offset press when we have a large qty to print on face and flap to do it one pass.
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    Applying Pearl Text paper

    Thanks for a few good suggestions on the tape and the grease! I really want to get those clamps ungunked and just have it work properly!

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