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I'm sorry if I don't have the right terminology, I've been asked by my company to find out some requirements about the accuset 800. I am a computer technician (in Windows), however I don't know a thing about the accuset machine or Mac computers, so please bear with me :)

So the thing is, we have an accuset 800 that is connected to a Mac os8.6. To make the films, we use Viper 3.02. It still works fine but it can't process high resolution pdf files. We do have another computer that is in Mac os 10.4.11. My graphist is working with that one, transfering the files to the smaller, older computer then making the films from there. I was wondering if we could connect the Accuset directly to the 'newer' computer, would the viper 3.02 work or would we have to upgrade it ?

Thanks !
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Hi Melp,

Please give me your e-mail address and I'll send you some info about Viper 3.02.
The possibility to connect the Accuset to "newer" Mac depends on the availability of PCI slot at Mac's mother board 'cause you have to reinstall PAC brd from the "old" Mac.
...And the presence of ADB port to connect the dongle/SW security key.
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I don't know about viper 3 but ADB dongles for old harlequins cannot be ported to G4 and above macs as security drivers ask for direct connection to the ADB bus. USB to ADB adapters don't work. Beige G3 platforms were the last compatible in the line. Just a thought.


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While we do not support the Viper software, we have both new and used Harlequin RIPs available that would be able to drive the Agfa Accuset. We could bundle a new Harlequin RIP with a used interface and you would have compatibility with the latest design applications including Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat XI at an affordable price. With the RIP running on Windows you would be able to print to the RIP from both Macintosh and Windows systems. If you would like a quote please contact us through the chat or email listed on our website at:
Harlequin RIP, Harlequin RIPs, Software RIP, NEW! Harlequin Software RIP Version 10
Thank you,
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If you had the right PPD for the OSX system, could you print directly to the device?

Centronic plug on Accuset, and Windows 95 PC.

Mac goes to PC by cable.

Don't know if you could just stick floppy in PC like olden days. That would be inconvenient.

Harlequin rip is very large. Probably best to keep it by itself.

Maybe an electrician could change the port on the Accuset. I have used a Centronics / USB connection, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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