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Haven't seen this yet, but the size and number of weekly newsprint flyers has dropped precipitously in the last 2 weeks.
Haven't seen this yet, but the size and number of weekly newsprint flyers has dropped precipitously in the last 2 weeks.

The newsprint flyers in my part of the world are primarily carried in the weekly community papers - they stopped being inserted in the dailies at least 10 years ago. Daily newspapers here rely primarily on auto dealer ads to stay in business - and those ads have disappeared since the auto dealers are all closed down. The page count of the editorial section of the dailies is down by about 50%. The free weeklies depend on local business ads - which has all but disappeared - and inserts. The only inserts that have continued are for large chain grocers and drug stores which pre-covid accounted for only about 20% of the flyer inserts. So, major revenue drop.
auto dealers are all closed down
Around me, auto dealers are TV & radio advertising of contact free drop off/pick up of vehicles in for service. Several are also mentioning their virtual showrooms as well as delivery of a new vehicle directly to your home.
Around here, the weekly rag is dumped roadside, not even vaguely close to people's doors. Many are left to disintegrate in the rain, snow, wind. I'd estimate 75% of the rest go directly to the recycle bin. After having been rained on for several hours they're unreadable anyway.
Those who still rely on them due to no internet, the elderly, handicapped etc., are those that suffer. We all suffer from having to pick up someone else's garbage each week.
Your area must be different. To suggest supporting these people so they can continue littering our streets is beyond laughable. It does no good to complain or request a stop delivery. That's something that simply doesn't happen.
I feel bad for the printers but if they don't fix distribution then they've written their own demise. I certainly wouldn't put my advertising into a publication that gets tossed from someone's car.
Apparently Loblaws (huge grocery retailer operating several brands) has stopped printed flyers and has gone all digital. Others will follow.
Is there still goats on the roof in Coombs?

They decided to self-quarantine so the market had to close - at least until this situation with the virus has run its course.

During happier times:

I used to go by there often. I think early, mid 80's. Had friends that lived on Sproat Lake across from the water bombers. During summer I'd go most weekends. The Ferry was affordable then and one could generally find a party of sorts on the car deck.
I seem to recall the store having good butter tarts.
Thanks for the photo! Good memories!


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