Canon C7565i and Cannon 850 Issues from Indesign to custom paper size


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We have 2 different models of Cannon Printers, C7565i and Cannon 850 (Fiery Rip) .Trying to print 12x18 with either the custom paper tray or the 11x17 tray with 12x18 paper loaded. Both printers, print from Acrobat. But when printing out of Indesign, paper size 12x18, Centered, it is still printing only a portion of the page, not centered. the pdf prints fine, I have tried setting the orientation and paper size in the page set up and choosing defined by driver, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


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You might ask your service people if there are any software updates you need for the printer. Also make sure you have up to date drivers. We had problems with InDesign files with a Xerox years ago that were later addressed with a software update.

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