CWT LST 1319 flatbed die cutting


we have a CWT 1319 cutting plotter that we purchased at the Dallas show from CWT Worktools USA , have had nothing but problems with the machine and the service from CWT is absolutely horrible, usually takes them 2-3 days to get back to us and then they still dont have a solution. For what it is worth we would never purchase from them again. I actually hope this gets a response from them?

So You Want to Invest In Inkjet

I Want to Invest in Inkjet, But…
Over the past few years I’ve watched a group of transactional and direct mail printers strategically shift from monochrome toner machines to full-color toner and inkjet presses. Most banished old black-only toner boxes but kept their color toner devices around because they anticipated needing both color inkjet and toner presses to meet customer needs. They were right then and continue to be right today. Because toner and inkjet can be better together. Read the Post