Hexagon Shaped Paper—A Bubble Wrap Alternative


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HexcelPack—a developer of paper-based, eco-friendly protective cushioning to replace bubble wrap, plastic & foam-based materials—has developed a cost-effective, sustainable hexagon shaped wrapping system that’s in use by the top 3-US retailers.

The company’s proprietary slit paper technology was developed in the early 90’s when it was discovered that the hexagon is one of the strongest shapes to engineer, and it was possible to successfully manufacture slit paper using a 3-dimensional, hexagon shape. This is an internationally patented cushioning product with precise cuts at specific angles, allowing the paper to “flex,” expanding its volume while maximizing the strength & stiffness of its fibers. The result is a cushioning product, proven to outperform environmentally-harmful alternatives, including plastic-based bubble wraps & pillows.

  • HexcelWrap—a cushioning paper that delivers product protection & packing simplicity for a myriad of e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products; and is excellent for shipping fragile items. Users stretch, wrap & tear the lightweight, interlocking material to custom lengths without the need for tape or scissors.
    • Made of 100% PEFC material, it is curbside recyclable & biodegradable.
    • Available in both white & Kraft paper.
  • Hex-a-Fil—an engineered void fill that expands to 24 times its original volume.
    • The material spirals as it comes off the roll, creating the bulk required for void filling.
    • Dispensed via a standalone & recyclable tabletop dispensing station.

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