Paper Envelope Replacement for Plastic Bubble Mailer


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Developed as a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic bubble mailers, used commonly throughout the e-commerce supply chain, Hexcel’ope is curbside recyclable & fully biodegradable. Using HexcelPack’s proprietary slit paper technology—providing maximum product cushioning & protection during transport—Hexcel’ope is a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bubble mailers.

Hexcel’ope is patented in the USA with pending patents worldwide; benefits include:
  • Unsurpassed Product Protection—
    • Economical, strong & durable, offering superior cushioning & product protection needed for shipping fragile items & reducing product damage.
  • Sustainability—
    • Paper-based, made of 100% PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Canadian Paper for exemplary sustainability with little-to-no environmental impact, while delivering protection that outperforms plastic bubble mailers.
    • The paper used to produce Hexcel’ope is fully curbside recyclable & biodegradable.
  • User Friendly—Self-sealing adhesive closures, eliminating the need for tape or staples.
  • Lightweight—Postage savings when a shipping box is not necessary.
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