Eco-Friendly Paper-Based Pallet Wrapping


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HexcelPack has introduced PalletWrap, a new—sustainable, fully-recyclable 100% paper-based, plastic free—alternative to traditional pallet wrapping that requires no modification to existing pallet wrapping machinery. The paper used to produce PalletWrap is biodegradable & fully curbside recyclable.

The solution utilizes a variation of HexcelPack’s slit paper technology with a unique hexagon slit pattern & eight times more rows of slits than its sister product, HexcelWrap. As a result, the PalletWrap product is able to stretch into shape, maximizing the strength & stiffness of its fibers, creating a much stronger wrap with the ability to nearly double in length.

HexcelPack will be demonstrating its sustainable wrapping products for a wide array of product shipping needs at Pack Expo 2021, Booth SU-8425 held September 27-29, 2021 in Las Vegas.

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