HexcelPack Gets Top Packaging Award


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HexcelPack’s HexcelWrap cushioning paper was voted the “Most Innovating Product” by exhibitors & attendees of the Packaging Innovations & Empack Show in Birmingham, UK. HexcelWrap is an eco-friendly, paper-based protective cushioning solution that replaces bubble wrap packaging and other plastic & foam-based materials. The Packaging Innovations Showcase award is a significant win for the company, beating out over a dozen competitors of sustainable packaging products.

HexcelWrapcurbside recyclable & biodegradable—utilizes the company’s slit paper technology, which converts extensible paper into a 3-dimensional—internationally patented cushioning product—by making precise cuts at specific angles, allowing the paper to “flex,” expanding its volume, while maximizing protective cushioning, strength and fiber stiffness. For more information, visit www.hexcelpack.com.


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