Cushioning Paper Void Filler Replacement for Plastic Pillows


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HexcelPack—a paper-based alternative to plastic—has introduced HexaFil, a 100% paper-based fill solution for packaging voids that provides superior bracing & cushioning compared to traditional plastic-based fill pillows. HexaFil is fully curbside recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Paper-based, HexaFil—made of 100% Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Canadian paper for sustainability—with little to no impact on the environment, delivers protection to outperform plastic alternatives. HexaFil utilizes the same 3-D design / slit paper technology as its HexcelWrap product. Available with Automatic or Manual dispensers for various shipping needs. For more information, visit


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So even more uses for the paper that we can't get. :)
Maybe... mills apparently are dedicating more paper-making machines/machine time to running brown or kraft paper used in packaging. The end result is less capacity for graphic arts papers.
"Traditional" :LOL: plastic-based fill pillows? Geez, I am old. Even foam packing peanuts look like a modern innovation to me. With changes in the publishing world, there are no longer enough sources to generate the ultimate reusable/recyclable fill: yesterday's newspaper.

Question about this slit-paper fill: What does it weigh compared to plastic pillows? And what is the carbon impact of increased weight to transport? (I am also such a killjoy ...)


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