Need founder eagle rip 3.0 software

Eagle RIP 3.0 software needed

Eagle RIP 3.0 software needed

Dear Sir,

I am reseller and supporter for Eagle RIP software.
Probably I could help you. What particula do you need.
Software, dongle, interface.
What image setter do you want to connect the Eagle Rip to.
Did you know that there is all ready the release 4.3 on the market, which gives a lot of improvement.
Upgrade would be possible if you own the original 3.0 dongle

best regards

hartmut dau


Hi hartmutdau,

i'm running a lino 560 and need an eagle or any software rip. i need the full kit (software, interface and dongle). can you help

Eagle rip ltc560

Eagle rip ltc560

Dear marvinate,

I do not have it instock, but I can get you the
EAGLE 4.3 kit with LTC560 interface card & dongle & software
price will be 1.880,00 EUR, latest version, brand new, 1 year warranty.

best regards

Hartmut Daui
Hey Hartmut,

I am looking for eagle RIP with Eagle AGS and Eagle hybrid (FM/AM) plug in. I want to operate my Dolev 800v imagesetter with this. What else would I need? How can I release the output? Do I require additional USB, dongle and cables?

I am currently using PS/M 7 with TSP to release the output. I am curious if it's possible to replace my Mac with windows and replace the TSP as well.

Thanks in advance.

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