Perfect Binding Digital Sheets


Can anyone tell me if you still have to use PUR glue for loose leaf sheets printed off a digital press. If I remember correctly, some methods of printing don't adhere to the cover (C1S) as well and others.

Specifically looking to perfect bind 3/16" book with a C1S gloss lam. cover, text would be matte coated 80lb. Also, would you recommend heat scoring?


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Binding to the uncoated side of C1S is fine with EVA. The coated interior stock is what would make the use of something other than EVA (PUR for example) most logical. My experience has been that we can use EVA with coated text stock, but the longevity of the bind decreases as the weight of the book increases. Also, if the end user opens the book and presses it to attempt to get it to stay flat(ter), they may also crack the spine, accelerating the failure of the bind. You don't have control over that though.

What is heat scoring?


Thanks for the response. Probably best to also add some hinges on the cover that should help negate the cover pulling off the spine when pushed flat.

Heat scoring is just that, a hot roller creases the book to the thickness of the spine. It is especially good if your creasing against the grain because it doesn't cause crease to crack or wear over time as much... also sharper corners on the spine and can even be folded flat on much thicker stock.

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