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In Prinergy after you have opened the job added your pages and created an imposition than realized you have the wrong one lets say. Is there a simple way to just update the imposition rather than having to create new one and delete old imposition and page set?


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Re: Prinergy & impositions

im assuming you mean if you need to add a different preps template, or you made a change to the template in some way. we often run into situations where we make a signature, and them need to make a change to the template before plating. in those situations, we do this:

click on your existing signature in your "signatures" view, and right click it. select "edit imposition". where it says "Import Imposition using Process Template", click the "select" button. select the Import Workflow Process called "ImportAllReplaceImposition". i think it is a canned process template that comes with the Prinergy software. after you choose that, continue on as if it were a new signature. your sig should open in preps with the correct template loaded, and print it back into Prinergy. you will see the signature process, and it will replace the already existing signature with the same name, and retain the connecion to the page set.

hopefully this is the answer you seek. good luck!



Re: Prinergy & impositions

We have the default Import Imposition process set to the canned 'ImportAllReplaceImposition' plan. A new imposition has nothing to overwrite, so can use this plan as well.

Double clicking on the Imposition in Workshop will also send the edit Imposition command (just to save you going to the menu)


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Re: Prinergy & impositions

In Prinergy 4.0.??, you can select the 'bad' imposition in the imposition pane, right click and pick 'update imposition' to bring in the new/good imposition .JT. - Roger

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