Prismasync print server versus ImagePress Server (Fiery)


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We currently have a Canon Image runner C5560i that has an external Fiery. We are very happy with it. We are looking to upgrade to a Canon ImagePress C710. There are 2 server options the Prismasync print server and the ImagePress Server (fiery). Which one do you recommend. Thank you


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I'd demo them both just to see if you have a preference. I've been using PrismaSync for about 7 years now. It's come a long way since I first got it. I find the media libraries to be a lot less clunky than Fiery, and most of the stuff you can do with the printer is well tied to the controller. It supports hot folders and most of the stuff Fiery offers as well.
The only thing I hate is that the Fiery adoption rate is a lot higher, so a lot of documentation assumes you have a Fiery, but it's never really caused any major issues.


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PRISMAsync Print Servers are high performance servers that uses Spot color adjustments to help match
PANTONE and corporate colors. It not only help boost production capacity,
they help lower cost and increase profitability.

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