SM52 early sheet


I'm not sure what I did different, but the indicator on the feeder panel says the sheet is really early. The panel at the delivery says early. The press runs great and register is dead on.
I use the knob on the non op feeder panel to adjust and nothing changes.

Any ideas?


I think I figured it out. The head suckers were set, with the set screw on the bar, angled a little too far forward (away from the press). This changed the timing of the sheet to the feed rollers slightly. The feed rollers were also a little loose (compared to the timing). Fixing this allowed me to use the early/late sheet adjustment on the non op side. I get a perfect straight line in the sheet trend indicator. The head stop timing is about 8 degrees off, but that could be operator error running at crawl speed.


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Hi what cptronic do you have Compact or Modular ?

However if your system has the Front Alignment sheet control
you must test the following;

1)terminals a3+a4=60Vca 2) terminals B4+B5= 20vCA 3) Terminals; c5+c6= 10Vca

2) If everything is right test the reflection Light Barrier : ANK = front alignment control + FUK= Early sheet detector under the table feeder

3) test the control switch ( magnet) see if is o.k , normally dirty!!! however most of the time defective for normal use.This magnet swtich control the sheets for the front Lays, +froon alignment and early sheet contro and Feeder Off.


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