Strange xerox 550 quality issue which xerox engineers havn't been able to solve

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Anyone ever had the following experience?

We're running a xerox 550, printing about 10 posters a day...i know it's not ideal for that, but it's keeeping us afloat.

We use all our usual settings which make great prints for us then all of a sudden it starts putting what look like shiney streaks down the prints & it looks like roller marks to me. It looks like a set of rollers are pinching too hard & you can see 4 very slight but definite indentations down the back of the paper

We get an engineer out & after looking at everything, they take the finisher off, which makes it less obvious on gloss & removes the "roller mark" effect totally from uncoated paper (which we're relieved about as we had order of service to get printed by the next day)

The marks are worst on A3 & especially bad on anything which has a lot of black....yet the effect is much less noticeable on A4 & none existent on A5. It also doesnt affect a4 plain paper.

It affects all trays, we have tried different papers & different image settings & we have managed to get it to the point where 200gsm uncoated does not get this effect yet the 250gsm gloss we usually use for posters still has this issue.

From what i've googled, it seems to be mainly inkjet users getting this kind of issue but nobody has mentioned what fixed the issue for them.

We have new toners, drums, the fuser looks okay and has been looked at by an engineer. He said the black developer housing is a little worn & was planning on ordering another but thought he'd fixed the issue so didn't.

Any ideas/experience?

BTW despite previous posts we are still printing ! & have started a poster stall at a market in our city specialising in old sci fi, horror & art deco posters.

Thanks in advance :)


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If they take the finisher off and it gets rid of the marks I would think the finisher is the problem right? I have see other machines where it's so hot coming out that the rollers in the finisher leave marks. If that's the problem maybe you can run at a lower temp or just take off the finisher.


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