Version Error


New member
We had a server crash a little while back, and I restored the Rampage folder to an older version (all we had). The Mac client keeps throwing a message that it has version 11.1 and the files on the server are too old. I don't know the exact message - will write it down next time. Anyway, I figured out if I replace the 11.1 file in the BOXES folder on the server that we can open the Mac client and get some work done, but after a few times it throws the error again and I have to replace that file once more. Is there a perm solution? According to Rampage 11.0 is the most recent software. The boss is too cheap to pay for a service call.
Sounds like you need to use an older version of the Rampage Client. Do you have the Rampage CD's? It should be on there.
The Rampage Client is saying it's 11.1 - the server files are apparently 11.0 - Rampage help desk people says that's the most updated version. I just don't get it... lol


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