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    Printing files on server - good solution?

    Hi Martin, When you connect to the file server, I assume you are using SMB as the protocol versus having an AFP share? That will help with general speed. If you're doing searches on a remote Windows server, Spotlight won't work. Whenever you do a search, it has to scan through all the files...
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    Transparency Blending Color space

    Hi Cewa, Just make sure that you're using the correct ICC profile during the conversion to get the optimal results. Ideally you'll have different workflows based on different substrates and ICC profiles that will feed your RIP/ reside in your RIP. Greg
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    Printing files on server - good solution?

    Hi Martin, When you say "printing files", do you mean native documents (e.g. Indesign or Illustrator files + associated artwork/fonts) or do you mean PDF files? It's a good idea to store files on a server versus just on the local designers machine, especially for backup purposes. When you say...
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    Why does Arial not embed by default in Acrobat?

    Hi JP, One thought could be file size and online viewing. We tend to think of PDF as a print only format, but it's used in many market segments in its digital form. Fonts can add to the file size of a document. Now there's also the base 13/14 fonts (I say base 13/14 because it was originally...
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    Are Windows Office file formats nowadays an acceptable format for ripping output?

    Hi David, I'm not familiar with the term "N color transparency". Are you referring to Device N and transparency as a single item?
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    Grayscale PDF not printing Grayscale

    When exporting to PDF from InDesign, what are the color settings? Are you embedding a profile? If so, what are your color settings. It's possible that your'e doing a color conversion on output. Greg
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    Printing complex VDP files

    Hi namelessentity, When you wrote the above statement, my first thought was that you're generating a raster PDF vs an object based PDF? Is that correct or am I reading it out of context. It it's object based, there might be ways to generate or optimize a more RIP-friendly PDF. What software...
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    PDF mb's become larger instead of smaller?

    Hi Kees, Acrobat Reader won't provide any of the tools necessary. Joe's comments are spot on, but if your invoices have more than just text and basic graphics, the bitmaps might not reproduce well. Kinda a stupid question, but can you set up a virtual printer on your network which will generate...
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    PDF mb's become larger instead of smaller?

    Hi Kees, Acrobat Pro has a feature that allows you to determine what types of objects are taking up space in your PDF. Assuming you're in Acrobat Pro DC, go to Optimize PDF and then select Advanced Optimization. Then click the button on the top right of the window that says Audit space usage...
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    What shows do you go to?

    I wonder if GraphExpo being in Orlando vs. Chicago this year will impact people's decision to attend.
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    Scanning and Archiving Job…HELP PLEASE!!

    Hi KYPrinter, I think it's challenging for someone to help with pricing with the amount of info you provided. You stated that you had the capability for the job; can you provide more details? How fast can the operator scan 3,281 pages and combine them into a PDF? We don't know this as we don't...
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    What shows do you go to?

    Hi everyone, It seems like it's harder than ever to get budget to go to trade shows these days. Just curious which events you (or your company) plan on attending. Greg
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    Making massive PDFs....

    Without seeing the file, it's hard to tell exactly what's causing the size. We can speculate but having the file is the best way to diagnose it. If you have Acrobat Pro, you can use the Optimize PDF features to check the content of the file. Go to Optimize PDF. Select Advanced Optimization. Then...
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    Technical Support Specialist - OneVision Software - Boston Area

    Job Description OneVision Inc. is seeking a highly motivated Technical Support Specialist for its Andover, MA office. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in printing, prepress workflows, color management, and computer networking. The Technical Support Specialist will work in...

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