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    Please help! Wide format printer advise needed.

    We have done, but no help there. We use Rosefox over in Preston (UK) The other thing is we are not looking to buy new - they will suggest modern new machines. We are after a decent used machine. Awaiting your advice
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    Please help! Wide format printer advise needed.

    We are looking to buy a wide format printer and enter the market. Currently litho operation only and think it is best to enter the market now We have never owned one before and need your advise. We are confused firstly with dye, pigment ink and so on and so on. What does that mean? We want a...
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    Advice needed - Looking to buy a DI press. Your help needed.

    Hoping someone can give us advice on buying a DI Press. We already run a Ryobi 524H and looking to buy a DI press for quick turnaround etc... We have seen some Heidelberg QM46-4 DI going at good prices. We don't know nothing about them and need your help, 1. Are these machines reliable? 2. Is...
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    do you convert to CMYK before sending to RIP?

    Harlequin RIP - sepeations first then sent to RIP. 2 second job
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    Low cost estimating solution

    Print Quote. Take my advice the best on the market. For quotes and estimating etc etc etc... and very easy to use
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    HP not following US Law--Selling to Iran

    JaimeZ whats it to you if they sell printers to Iran. Iran is not the terrorist, america is and britian. You do not even know the truth. You hear what they want to hear. You see what they want you to see and so on. SO search the truth my friend. The americans kill children, massacre people...
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    Numbering software

    Do you have Corel Draw?
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    Four colour press

    Your all wrong Your all wrong You're all wrong. You can buy a fantastic printing press for £50,000. Actually our company do run a ryobi 512 and recently purchased a glunz & jensen 2400 which is 0.3mm gauge. This CTP system is fantastic. Once these plates are on the press only minor...
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    Four colour press

    Hi I was wondering if any of you guys can help. I am think of upgrading my press to four colour as I currently run a ryobi 512. I only have £50,000 ($95,000) to spend. I want to buy heidelberg as I think quality is better than ryobi (that's what I have heard) and they look good too. Can...
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    what is a good Entry Level Print Machine?

    RYOBI 512 is a good entry level press to start with. We mostly run 2 colour printing and there is a huge market for it i.e. business cards, letterheads, compliment slips etc... It's really what market you want to get into. It has good rolling power than other 2 colour presses but unsure of the...
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    Who is competing with VistaPrint?

    I suppose they are doing really really well. But I don't think anyone in that place will be better off than someone who is possibly running their own printing company making £80,000 a year as all vista print's money goes on staff and shareholders. But try BestPrinting UK - Flyers print, Leaflet...
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    What brand paper do you run?

    BVS GLOSS (from Switzerland) mostly triple coated gloss and matt. Best paper I've used. Does anyone also use creator star
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    Ryobi 512 Colour in printing

    I have a pms book but please help as I am an amateur at colour matching etc... If I have a pms book which I do have , am I right to believe I need to match the yellow colour bar to the one in the pms book. And I don't know what screens mean can you go through a process with me. I will really...
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    Ink Presetting Systems

    Hi I can't believe people don't know about inking. Yeah the Ryobi 524hxx and above have IVS. Check it on google . From the computer it will know how much the ink has to be and once jobs been finished it automatically inks for the next job.
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    Ryobi 512 Colour in printing

    Hi, We currently run a Ryobi 512 using posi plates. Exposures are brilliant and things are going good when doing 2 colour work. The problem is when running four colour work. I wanted to know how do I check how much ink I need, i.e how much cyan, to put on etc etc. I don't have a densitometer...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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