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I am seeking suggestions on what are the choices available for taking customers files to plate and which is considered the best solution. We are currently using Prinergy Evo, but it is an older version ( and we need to upgrade. The real question is do we upgrade to Prinergy 6 or do we look into alternative workflows. I would appreciate any input or suggestions.

Thank you in advance


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I've had my Mazda Miata for 8 years, great car but it's time to look for a replacement. I am considering another Miata but since the time I bought this one both my needs and the features of available on other vehicles have changed. I owe it to myself to look around before I make any new purchase.
Here's a place for you to check out - Automation Engine: Prepress Workflow Automation. Zoom-Zoom.


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Prinergy is currently at version You'll be waiting a while for version 6. I assume the upgrade of Prinergy might be cheaper than buying a whole new workflow (maybe not) but all of the workflows using the Adobe Print Engine are fairly comparable.


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It is always a tough decision. I guess it all depends on what sort of work you do daily - and what sort of work you might be doing in 2 to 4 years from today. ROI considerations are important to the CFO - and if you switch vendors, you need to be sure you include training. Like eskopdl - I agree - look around. Unlike eskopdl, I do not think I could even fit in a Mazda Miata.



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We were a Prinergy house for 5 years. We switched to Rampage because of the cost of upgrades and maintenance/support. We were able to buy Rampage and replace our Trendsetter with a Screen CTP unit and save $150k over 5 years. The operators were apprehensive at first, but now wonder why we didn't change sooner. Support is far superior with Rampage and support is only $1750 per year no matter how big your system is. If you have a problem you can call and get a real person who knows what they are talking about.


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Best Workflow

Best Workflow

The "best" workflow is based on your individual situation. I have worked with and still work with the major workflows and find that each has its merits and its disadvantages. All issues including support after sale and you current future CTP plans have to factor into your decision.

I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but I hope it results in you asking more questions before making a decision. Maybe, if you share with us the type of work you do, it might allow some of us to give you a little more guidance.

Happy hunting,
I'm with michaelejahn. I don't think I'd fit really well in a miata either...

Having worked in production using more and a couple different systems and having worked on the sales and support side for two of the big players, I'd need more information before I toss in my two cents worth of recommendation.

My general beginning questions are similar to what others have stated:

What kind of work are you doing?

What type of work do you want to be doing?

What type of work do you expect to be doing 2-3 years from now?

How much work are you doing / expect to be doing in the near future?

What do you like and dislike about the system you currently use?

What is your operator turn-over rate?

There are more questions, but those will get you off to a good start and give you something to discuss with any vendor / dealer rep you have come try to sell you something.


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I'm with Prinergy Connect 5.1.2 and I think it's a great workflow with lots of room for expansion depending on what you are looking to do (digital storefront, automated workflow, ect.).

But I will have to agree that Kodak has lost the plot as far as service and support go. The people are great but it's sometimes frustrating and costly getting to the right people for the right answer.

Check into the service contract carefully and see if they will give you any sort of deal to stick with them and change from Evo to Connect.

Good Luck
Workflow Options

Workflow Options

Xitron offers workflow solutions based on both Harlequin RIP (Navigator Elite) and Adobe PDF Print Engine (Xenith Sierra) technologies with the ability to drive hundreds of devices from different manufacturers. We consider ourselves "device netural" allowing our customers to work with virtually any output device. Our solutions are most often sold as bundles which includes software, hardware, onsite training and one or more years of technical support via telephone, email and WebEx.

As others have posted, you want to purchase a system that is modular and flexible to meet your needs today but also one that offers features you may need in the future. By offering solutions based on the two major core technologies in prepress workflow, Xitron solutions offer greater upgrade flexibility than other solutions.

Feel free to contact me for more complete details.

Bill Owens
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A bit of a "pet peeve" whenever such questions come up (which they frequently to):

What is the best solution for X? What X is best?

Please define "best".

Is what is "best" for one person or company or sector "best" for another?

Stephen Marsh
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Totally agree Stephen, what is good for offset might not be optimal for Web or Flexo. We're all coming from our own personal experience. The trick is to take everything with a grain of salt and form your own conclusions.

At least this forum lets us throw our own opinions around and hopefully help others learn from our years in the business.


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Have a look at Fuji XMF, ive used apogee, prinergy and compose, and XMF is by far the best one in my opinion, also much better priced than the others.

Viki Solutions Rep

Vera Custom Workflow from Viki Solutions integrates with Prinergy Connect and Evo and offers all the workflow functionality you probably need through automated task routing. The company and system was built by former Creo/Kodak developers and when Kodak decided not to downsize the R&D team which worked on upgrades, the developers built Viki Solutions. The advantage of a Viki Solutions Vera is that it is built from the ground up using new technology that fixes all the issues systemic in older prepress portal and creative workflow products. It is 64 bit, java-free, and can be installed locally or in the cloud, so you can avoid hardware costs. With subscription-based pricing, the risk is low to you. As the Director of Business Development, you may want to consider Viki Solutions. We include upgrades to our software in our pricing and it is designed for prepress workflow migration from a Creo/Kodak system.


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Give Heidelberg a look.
The workflow just flat out "WORKS", and has plenty of flexibility and options for whatever your needs might be.
They have become very competitive in recent years, and their support is FANTASTIC!!


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We use XMF, very powerful. Iy may depend at the end of the day your deal from a plate vendor. BTW I have a Mazda 3 great car looking to get a new one :)


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If you just won Lotto, have a good look at Esko Automation Engine with all the packages and modules. They have a complete system and I am transitioning to their base package. The whole thing is 'Bill Gates' type money though.
Another smaller system is Xante Rip Symphony system which I have used in the past and is great.
Like others, I think you need to redefine "best" as I think best is not always the most comprehensive software but one that fits your workflow goals. If you are not changing your workflows, then upgrading into Prinergy (which I havent used) woudl probably be 'Best' as it would require the least disruption to your current staff/company/workflow.


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We didn't win the lottery, however we are an Esko AE shop and wouldn't change. The ability to "work" files is incredible. If you are just a "rip and run" shop, then AE is probably not your best choice, I would look at Rampage, as I have worked in both environments, and Rampage is really proficient at processing work and has excellent trap abilities out of the box. The learning curve for Rampage is very simple as compared to Esko, but that has more to do with the functions and abilities of Esko compared to Rampage. Esko is very scalable, and can be as complex or simple as you require. It has modules for soft proofing, ftp, imposing, proofing, color management, stripping, linking to third party applications, workflows and many other functionalities. But, this can become expensive, and you must have some ability as an IT guy to manage this with the servers, rips, devices and workstations.
We have always used Trueflow and find it really great, does all the things we need to. But I have no experience with Prinergy, so can't really offer a comparison. If you are doing a bit of research on different workflows, I'd recommend seeing if Trueflow could be an option...

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