Color Issue Konica 4080

I have come across a strange issue with this file that I can't quite understand. The file printed with the two different shades of blue. I double checked the file and the color values are the same. Once the document was flattened the colors came out the same. Anyone have any insight to why this may have happened?




  • CWB GateFold Cards 6up (1).pdf
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The fill on the base colour is RGB
The logos on the second and fourth panels use a CMYK blending colour space
Flattening the file results in the panels with logos converting to the blending colour space (CMYK) and the other panels remaining as RGB
Most reliable option would be to convert the base colour to CMYK prior to flatenning.
Anyone have any insight to why this may have happened?
Transparency ie "Blending space" as mentioned in Magnus59 reply.

I have imagined that - Adobe introduced PDF 1.4 , released in 2001, (with working transparency options) in response to web-graphic designs. Adobe would probably disagree with my imagination but they did printers no favors with this change.
This also impacts 2d printing.
So we (printers) have to make sure that we have a 2d (flattened) file to ensure consistent results - even if we print on a digital press.
Magnus has pointed out the issue with your file. A quick fix to try in the future would be turning on APPE if your RIP has it. This automatically fixes many transparency/flattening issues.


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