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Welcome to forum

Welcome to forum

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Hello from Taopix

Hello from Taopix

Hi, I'm Dianne Moralee, the Marketing Director for Taopix (we manufacture software for printers to start a photo book business).

I'm based in Newcastle in the north east of England and I'm responsible for Taopix marketing across the globe.

Our software platform allows you to provide a range of photo gift products (photo books, calendars, gifts etc) via a software download from your website (Mac and PC). It also provides you with a total web2print/ecommerce platform that allows your customers to upload their photo book and pay on-line. Taopix also includes a Production module which delivers the files to your output device and tracks the status of the order.

I'm here to answer any questions and provide info about our software should you need it!

We have a network of 28 dealers worldwide who are all fully trained to deploy our software in over 40 countries, in 18 languages (so far) with multiple currencies/payment gateways (in fact, 35 at the last count and growing).

If you need to find out more, please visit Photobook Software | Photo Book Creator | TAOPIX Photo Books | Photobooks Software Company




My names Ryan im from Vancouver BC, Canada.

I've been working in the Print Industry and Graphics Art industry now for about 8 years. I Graduated from BCIT (British Colombia Institute of Technology) and Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

I've been running Digital Web Equipment now for the last 6 years. Mainly HP Indigo Presses. Im Operator and Share Maintenance certified on the S2000, WS2000, WS4500, S5500 and WS6000 Machines. I've also had training on Rotoflex Vericuts and ABG Digicon machines. I also do all the pre-press at our shop using IPT Rip and IN100 SmartStream Server. Basically my history in the industry. :)


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Hey I'm Jake I work as a web-marketer for My daughter is three months old and that's basically all I live for these days, well besides my girlfriend, Sharaine. Just hoping to give and take a little knowledge from
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Hi my name is Curtis I am a us veteran (hence the username).My other friend is also a veteran. He is the leader of the Veterans Print Studio a Non Profit we have created(or I should say we are creating).Our goal is to put veterans with employment barriers back to some kind of work in the print industry. I have very little experience in the print world, I am an artist.Enough said for the moment. We received a donation of a itek DPM 2000 CPS running windows NT with harlequin script-works rip.It has issues that is what brought me to this forum. I hope to get to know some of you. If anyone has any insight please let me know. Also this is my first forum. Can't you tell... Thanks Curtis
Good day to all!

My name is Charles, working for green earth hope a green world for our next generations
I want to ask all of you give me tips about green earth....

Talk to all of you soon


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Hi My name is Alan, I work for a medium sized printing Company in Port Elizabeth South Africa.
I do all the full colour prepess work from design, Impose, Proofing, Filmwork.

Filmwork is done on an signastter pro. We use varous Heidelberg presses ranging from single colour to 4 colour presses. (speedmasters A2+ 4 colour; sword 1 colour A1; cord 1 colour A2+ and 2 GTO's)
We also have an old platen which we use for die cutting.

I also run 2 outdoor digital printers and a vinal cutter and help run a Kodak Nexpress.

Outside of work I like to play golf, field hocky and do the odd bit of quadbiking.


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Re: Introduce yourself

Re: Introduce yourself

Hi all, I'm a print and internet graphic and web designer, been in one facet or another of this world since finishing Cal Poly SLO in GrC. That was 1977. Since then did a lot of publications and prepress work, Up on .pdf's, Adobe gamut, Quark, MS Office and the rest of the usual suspects, mostly on a Mac.

Not much integrated workflow experience, but I've worked with imposition programs, preflighting procedures, automatic publication generation via Quark plugins, but nothing really grand.

Been freelancing since my job as Production Manager of our little regional weekly dried up and "consolidated" into something unlovely, but spent 9 years at a regional daily with 80,000 circulation in a number of jobs from Staff Artist to Commerical Print Specialist.

Always looking to keep up as best I can, hence my membership here.
Hello everybody,

I'm dtp operator and also responsible for the prepress it installation in a medium printing facility in Belgium.
We work with Prinergy 5 and Insite 6 from Kodak.
Output is done on Fuji Luxel T9800 CTP.

I hope to find some answers here, and maybe help somebody else.



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Hi All
I've been in the design, repro and Printing industry for the last 7 years and iv'e come to learn quite a number of things and still learning more. Am.looking forward to getting more knowledge through this forum.




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I started my career way back in 1975, in Bombay (now Mumbai) working with Photo-mechanics, Cameras and enlargers..doing manual color seperations..masking..color retouching, stripping (montage or pasting) etc.
in 1979 was one of the pioneers to start prepress (Color) in 'Indian Express Newspapers' Mumbai and standardize prepress applications to Web machine, to print the first color Newspaper in Mumbai.
later worked in Gulf region, as prepress manager/production manager with hands on
Hell Scanners, and Computers
have worked with advertising agencies, publishing companies,outdoor media,press,packaging and all..
at present with a media production/contract publishing company in Mumbai
as a Production Manager, looking into Quality control & traffic of about 10 magazines, Ads co-ordination and preflighting and keeping the deadly deadlines for printjobs.

Graphic arts and Printing is still a learning process with day to day innovations and new technologies

Great to be on Print Planet


Evans Graphics

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Hi, my name is Steve

I am Managing Director of a UK based Print Company Digital Printing & Screen Printing Specialists for all your Marketing Needs

Evans Graphics are specialists in a variety of production fields. Utilising the latest technology's we produce both point of sale elements and marketing support services media. With both digital and screen printing techniques under one roof we are capable of offering a wide range of production processes.

We serve the B2B market first and foremost, and have been established over 25 years.


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Hello from Mimeo in Newark, NJ

Hello from Mimeo in Newark, NJ

I am a member of the HR recruitment team for, a print-on-demand company which manufactures and distributes business documents, marketing materials and photo-print products.

Most recently I am seeking an experienced Nexpress Operator and Bindery Expert (Journeyman). I'd be pleased to speak to anyone seeking a career move in the industry. also has facilities in Memphis, TN, Hayward, CA, Newark, NJ, and offices in NYC and the U.K.

Please visit our Website for a complete listing of our openings: Careers at, or forward your resume to

I look forward to hearing from you!


How nice

How nice

Nice to meet you.
It's a bit far away for me, but you never know what the future may bring.
Anyway, thanks for the mail.
Be well, Ray.




Hi everyone!
I'm Przemek, working as a DTP operator in a printing house in Poznan. (Europe, Poland)
I am 11 years of experience. I work by using "Screen Trueflow" + FlatWorker +CTP Recorder.
We have two machines offset printing:
Heilderberg SM 500x700 mm (127" x 177,8") B2
Heilderberg CD102 1020x700 mm (259,08" x 177,8") B1+

best regards


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My name is Chris Hogge (rhymes w/ Rogue) and i'm working for Harris & Bruno International in their Anilox Roll department. If you have any questions, needs, concerns, or anything else in relation to H&B, feel free to PM me. We specialize in offset coating, both aqueous and UV and are now in the digital market as well. We have numerous products available to assist new and current customers including banded rolls, Anilox Roll diagnostic kits, and coating guides. If any of that sounds interesting, let me know.


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