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When I posted for the first time there was a box under the box I'm typing in called trackbacks. And there was a brief line of copy saying what it was but it didn't make much sense. If I see it again, I'll post a link or screen shot.


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Hi, my name is Hans, I live and work in Capetown S,Africa. I am currently a Litho Manager for a commercial print company specialising in book printing. We have 5 s/master 102's ranging from 4 col's to an 8 col. a Roland 700 and a web. All the m/c's are perfecters to accomodate the printing of books and monthly magazines. I have found that no matter how long you have been in the trade ( I was a m/c minder for 30 yrs + ) you will never know everything and so I hope we can help each other when those problems come up.


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This is GraphicGuy911

This is GraphicGuy911

Hello Everyone~
My name is Polly, and my user name is GraphicGuy. I am a production artist/graphic designer currently employed in a CD/DVD replication located in southern California. I've been working in prepress department for 7 years and still very enjoy about what I do.

It's great to meet you all


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Introducing Adrite

Introducing Adrite

My name is Rob Kennedy; I am the Sales & Marketing Manager for Adrite Digital Colour. We are based In Milsons Point, just north of Sydney Australia. 21 years we've been doing digital print, wide format, mounting and laminating.

I've been in printing since 1979, yes I'm old, in fact the only time I recall hearing the word digit was when someone was referring to those things on the end of my hand, usually telling me to extract them.

What a printing world it is today, but I fear tomorrow they will have no need for people like me, as my form of printing will be eaten up by the digital monster that is currently eating industries and companies at an amazing rate.

We do it all here at Adrite, what other Sydney printers can’t do, we do. Here’s our website adrite we are doing this up.

Here’s our Facebook page
Adrite Digital Colour | Facebook

You can talk to me on twitter too @AdriteDigital

So I look forward to talking to as many people as possible and hopefully there will be a few other Aussies to talk to as well.




Hi. I'm YGR. Started with printing for around 9 years. Started with no experience (except for programming, and living in the digital world), and now run and maintain xerox high volume machines. Currently working on DocuTechs, DocuColors, and a brand new Xerox Color 1000. My work environment is quite complicated, and the media is rather odd. We do bookmarks to brochures, financial documents to corporate blueprinting. :)


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Hello to All,

I am an independent sole-proprieter, and screen printer.

I am finally, I believe, in a position to look into making my own lino films. I have relied on local service bureaus in the past. I believe the convienience of have this ability at my fingertips would be very handy

I have very strong PC hardware skills. I like to work under windows XP Pro, preferred. Machines or parts to throw together for (RIP purposes) can have if needed SCSI I, II, parallel, serial etc.

My background is in (Desktop Publishing!? is that still used?) Amiga, Pro Page, Pagesetter, and PC, Corel Draw. I would have liked to have learned on Macs as well, but thats not my story. I'm into cars, PC's, and am a bit knowledgeable in Engineering and Product Design.

It's not really my intent to become a service bureau, but if a few art students here and there need films, I'd be happy to help them.

Primarily, I will do outputting spot color positives on film from Corel Draw files, which are already separated, as one color per file. I wont have need to make plates.

I have seen some Imagesetters around like the Lino 330, for sale used.

What do I need as far as hardware or software besides the imagesetter itself? Will I need a film processor unit? a dryer?

Many thanks in advance. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, lol, when I gain some.




My name is Cherie, and I am a budding graphic artist. I have a degree in Information Technologies/Visual Communications, but it hasn't prepared me very well for the position I have now...though I like what I am doing despite the frustrations of being under informed at times.

I was origionally hired here at Magna Card as a secretary, but after discovering my abilities with PhotoShop, I have become the in house designer. One of my primary responsibilities involves packaging design, which in turn involves print design.

My knowledge in this field has grown quite a bit in the last year, by now I am working almost completely in Illustrator (which I didn't know was necessary in the beginning). My next step is to learn the finer details of preparing artwork for print.

I am joining this community hoping that the experts here might be willing to help me from time to time, and also help me to learn how to perform in my new career better through that advice.

I can give back whenever I can by sharing Adobe tips or general computer torubleshooting help whenever it may benefit.

Thanks a lot!


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Good on you Cherie. I'm no expert, but I've been in print for 30 years, throw anything you want at me and I'll try and help.




Well, I thought I had introduced myself already, but… as far as I understand it by reading my mail…
So, let me start by saying, “sorry for my bad English, because it’s not my mothers language”.
I working in Nederland by a pre press office as a DTP’er.
We still create film but are looking for a CTP work floor.
Most of the time it’s just printing to a Xerox machine but, like I said before, making film is not dead jet!
We try to grow so you never know.
It’s possible I would ask a stupid question, somebody of you would easily know the answer for.
But I think its great to ‘talk’ this way with you out there.
Together we know probably more.

Peace of mind to all of you.


My name is Roy Cagang, a proprietor of Norgate Electronic Service here in the Philippines. I'm a Service Engineer with a great knowledge in trobleshooting for any pre-press, press and post-press machine.

I can help/assit you for your existing machine. Most of my client sent me the schematic diagram and I help them in troubleshooting thru Yahoo Mesenger.

All Dainippon Screen Products (software and Hardware)
Rip's: Harlequin, Xitron, Compose, Eagle and Kodak
Pre-Press: CTF (FTR and DTR series/ Herk/ Accuset/ Stingray)
CTP (Platerite 800II/ Kodak TrendSetter 800II)
Film and Plate Processor (LD & LDT series/Glunz and Jensen/ Grafmac/ Offline&Online)
Press: WebM600/ KBA105/ CD102/ SM102/ GTO52
Post-Press: Perfect Binding ( Muller Martini Amigo/ Kolbus KM470 & KM472/ ZU803/ LH370)
Saddle Stitching (MM321/MM390)
Folding Machine (Stahl Folder/MBOB26-B30E_T530_Z6)
File Turner (Busch)
Guillotine ( PerfectaTVC/ Schneider/ Senator/ Polar112_115_137)
3knife (Wholenberg44FS100)
Stacker (MM1534/ MM7524 Printstack/ Ralissa)
Folding and Gluing (Media100/ Vega Polaris90)
Folder Maker (Fidia Nimbo)
Die-cut Machine (Bobst SP102/ IMG Brausse1050)
Lamination Machine (Massai72)

if you have a problem with the machine mention above just email/add me:
Hi all,

Adam here, expert prepress designer with over 20 years design, printing, multimedia and any design/ prepress workflow software experience. Currently running my own printing business from sydney Australia. We specialise in business cards, flyers, booklet printing.


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Hello I am from a small town in NC, I worked in Pre press at our small shop till a pressman quit and I moved to the press.
I also own a Xante DPP at my house, I had previously hoped I would have lots of work for it, however other things in my life have taken the time I had planned on giving to my press.
It is practically new and I am considering selling it....I also have a small champion hydraulic cutter, a perforating machine, envelopes, and paper stock.
If anyone might be interested in purchasing everything please write me...I am not positive I am going to sell, but I may.



Hi everybody

Hi everybody

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Greetings from Brazil, everyone!

My name is Nikollas Ramos and I'm in charge of sales, among other things, at Copy House, a digital print provider who is cellebrating 16 years of activity today, what a coincidence! We are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We run Xerox printers like DC5000 and DC5252, have a good finishing department and now we are looking for new printers with high quality output. We have just achieved our FSC certification, and we are very proud of that. So are our customers.

After a long time reading Print Planet's forum, now is time to join, learn even more and, if possible, help anyone.

Best regards to you all.

nikollas [at] copyhouse . com . br
• copy house - gráfica rápida

Color Optimized?

by Noel Ward, Editor@Large
Color is in demand in all types of documents, making color management a critical part of Digital Printing 5.0. Managing color on one device/press can be an easy task with the correct tools and processes. But managing color to ensure printed pages are consistent and repeatable across the different substrates and color gamuts of toner and inkjet can be a much bigger challenge. Properly implemented color management workflows can help achieve consistent color results across multiple devices. Although many end-customers are claiming satisfaction with “pleasing color,” two challenges are still in play. Link to Article