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Hi, my name is Paulus from Indonesia. I'm new to a printing industry and have very little experience. I am looking forward to learn from all the pro.


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Hello all my name is Spyros and with my brother own a small print shop for litho only -Roland Rekord RVK- in Greece and I look forward in exploring and learning from this place.

Cheers to all


Hi I am Ronald from Nairobi... currently a HP Indigo / Esko operator for Smartstream server, Color Kit and Smartstream Designer. I was previously in gravure and flexo packaging prepress. I love trouble shooting artwork and prepress issues both at work and online forums. Just a few threads I have contributed on printplanet… cheers.


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I am Jeff Blankenship. My wife and I run a small print/sign shop in Arab, AL. I look forward to the interaction and appreciate (in advance) the knowledge and help I will receive.
Hello, My name is Munir and I am from Gujarat, India. We have started printing services company and we are specializing in printing No-Carbon Required (carbonless) papers. We have recently purchased 10x15 mini offset machine. This website looks nice and I hope I shall have wonderful interaction with all of you here. Thank you.

Kind Regards,
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Hi everyone,

I am MARS from belgium. I run a small printing company with my father. We are mainly working on digital printing system but we still have some offset press (1 and 2 colors. We got a 4 colors press in the past but decided to stop as the market is satured). We focus on black &white with a varioprint 6150(good machine but soon to be replaced with a DP line or a varioprint 4000 as the contract came to an end and OCE refused to assure maintenance), a varioprint 2090(incredibly robust, contract ended 8 month ago and she is still working at almost no cost) and a xerox 4112(not a bad machine but we got plenty of serious problems with it. Almost everything was already replaced on it(computer and screen included)and it's only running for 8 month(1,7 million click)).

We are also using a CPS900 from OCE but we don't have much work for a color digital printing system and lost most of our customers for this with the prior system (a CLC4000 from CANON). We are very happy with it and are going to reconduct the contract for 3 years (to be clear, the machine is far to be perfect but we are getting what we are looking for with it. The fact that the machine have 7 colors help a lot with the quality and the colors are very stable over time).

Last but not least, we also use a EPSON pro 11880 (quite happy with it until now but it's not as good as the HIFIjet from roland we also have but is not curently running(as it's much more expensive to run))

Business is difficult as anywhere in west europe(I supose).

That's all

Edit : I am sorry for my mistakes in english. I do my best but it's not my main language.
Hello to all of you,

My name is Ben, and I represent Xcel Products, Inc, a manufacturer and converter of printable plastic and magnetic substrates, located in Champlin, MN.

I found this place while I was looking to learn more about the print industry and stumbled onto a complete community. I'm hoping that I can learn more about the use of our materials in the field and about the industry as a whole.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and offering encouragement on your work!

Cork Industries

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Hello All,
I work for Cork Industries Coatings and Adhesives , currently as work as Director of Marketing and have been in working in the coatings and inks graphics industry for over 30 years.
I live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, enjoy my family , good friends, participating in the annual MS Mud Run, gym and travel.
I hope I get to know you all,
Michael Cox


Hey everyone!
I work for a local newspaper. I started out in the mail room and worked my way into the pre-press plate room.
I am now one of the newer apprentice pressmen for the company. I am around 7 months into my apprenticeship.
I was trying to look for some help of training on a few things when I came across this forum. Figured I would try my luck.
Didn't see what I was looking for right off the bat, but that can wait until later and in another thread.
Hope to meet some good people and learn a thing or two on the way.


Was looking for a little help with web growth. Applying it before plates are burned.
We already have the coding and what not, I was just looking for a manual or training video.
There are just a few things we are trying to figure out.
I posted a new thread about it.

Alan Rand

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Hi...I been in the business since 1978 and have worked in various positions in mfg. Web: letterpress, offset, and gravure, and I've run sheetfeds for about 12 years. The last press I ran was an A.B.Dick 9995A w/factory dampener. I'm currently going through a Ryobi 3302 w/kompacs. Question:how do you get a good set to the plate with this system. It has 2 adjustments. 1. eccentrics on the press itself for the form,which appears to effect the entire unit. 2. a couple of spring loaded shalves on either side of the top of the kompac which appear to have little adjustment. If you preload them just a little the form will not drop to the plate. Is this typical for this unit? Or do I simply not understand the function of these adjusters? thanks...My wife and i like to ride motorcycles and travel.


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Hi my name is Tim
i'm a newby to this forum stuff,been in printing since i graduated in 1980,worked my way up from jogger to operator,am now running a new Goss Cyril Scott Co.i dont do much more than work whether it be at the factory or at home cut wood and mow not much time for rest maybe some day .
Welcome Dear. I am Shaun Carlyn. I am new on this forum. I have heard umpteen good comments about this forum. Now finally i have decided to sign up and join the company of good people here. I hope we will have a good time by helping each other.


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My name is Premanand Hiremath. I am a printing technologist. Has worked for over 25 years in different capacities in large print organizations. Has worked in security documents printing companies and business forms and direct mailers printing companies.

Now own an offset printing company. cater to the print needs of pharmaceutical Companies and banks. Is fond of keeping updated with the latest technologies in the print and print related technology.


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I am Jeffrey. I am quite new to printing, about 2 months. I previously worked with a Computer Security Company and recently left the industry to venture into something new, such as Photography, and now into Digital Printing.

Am looking forward to learn from the experiences shared here by the members, and I hope I can contribute useful information as well.


I'm Andrew. I have been in print for almost 30 years now, working for a promotional products company in rural UK where we will print on just about anything if its cheap by just about an method except crayons.
Great to be amongst people that know what bleed is and maybe have some suggestions on new brands of turd polish. Might even be able to offer some help along the way too.



I'm Rob. I grew up in a print shop but only joined the industry (and the fun) a few years ago. I run a small, down and dirty quick print shop. I've learned a lot lurking this forum for the last few years. I'm glad this place is here!


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I'm Kev,
Work in an inplant (rare these days it seems), running a four colour GTO52 circa 1983, been printing since i left school in 1985

ps..i have a question about next step for our department..i.e digital/litho and not sure where to post it up?????:rolleyes:

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