Save As issue In Corel Draw X7


I have Licensed Version Corel X7 and Corel 2018 but both the software is giving trouble to me both are not working save,save as, import Export and other option also seen 4 to 5 month i am facing this issue
i have reinstalled the software.
Format the system also
cleaned the the temp file also
every steps is done with the corel support team but every 2 to 3 days this problem is coming i am really frustrated with this.

For the Reference i have attached video


Corel Draw! I'm surprised anyone is still using this wonderful software! The worst thing I did years ago, or one of the worst things I did was put Corel Draw on my resume!
Can you export to postscript? or to eps? It's been awhile.


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Have you tried turning the antivirus off to see if it makes a difference? You say every two to three days you have problems. How do you get it back to normal?


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Give this a try. Go to Tools > Options > Global > Enable Background Tasks. If already enabled, disable it.



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We have used CorelDraw for over 25 years now with very few problems - started with version 3 and have worked our way up to X6 (on Windows 7) and have just installed 2019 on a new Windows 10 system (have not started using this one for our day to day work yet - just loading more software, drivers for our 8 different printers etc. etc.). X6 was always a little buggy with the export command to different file formats - a restart of the program would straighten it out. What flavour of Windows are you using? We have experienced weird Windows problems (this will be our first use of Windows 10 on the new system) over the years and do not ever do updates to any of our software once everyhting is installed and working OK. If you have been doing updates - could be the underlying reason - not that knowing this will help at this point. We've always had good support from CorelDraw when needed but it hasn't been often. If it were me trying to solve this I would start with a reinstall of Windows (big pain but software that doesn't work is a bigger problem) and only CorelDraw then test it - if it works OK then start adding your device drivers and other software one at a time and test after each install. Do not do any updates and if you do get it to function after loading everything you need - add your antivirus last. Good luck!

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