Xerox Primelink C9065 vs Versant 180


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Hello everybody.

I'm printing full frame pictures on A4 and A3 papers, around 2-3000 print a month.

I have a good offer from my Xerox Agent :
A Primelink C9065 (brand new) or an used Versant 180 with Performance Pack and a Fiery (it has done already around 300'000 prints).
Both are sold the same price : CHF 12'000 + VAT (7.7%).

My goal is to print color pictures (A4 or A3 size coming directly from an Sony Alpha 1) with the best definition and sharpness.

The versant 180 has 2400x2400 dpi with the system called "VCSEL ROS" when the C9065 has something else called "EA-Eco technology Ultra Low Melt". One is better for sharpness than the other maybe ?

Which one would you choose for this unique purpose ?

Second question : I noticed in this forum that Xerox has a lot of problems with supplies like toner and drums. Is one of these two more impacted than the other?

Thank you very much for your answers and advise and sorry for my poor English ;-)
We briefly had an earlier incarnation of the Primelink when it was called the Xerox Color 550/560 if I am not mistaken. We are are a photo lab that used it to print photo greeting cards. We sent it back to Xerox under their total satisfaction guarantee., i.e. we hated it. Our older Docucolor was much better quality. The 550 couldn't give us a flat piece of cardstock to run through our cutter/slitter/creaser. And many other issues. Later we ended up a Versant 80 which we loved. Image quality was good enough for our photolab standards and it was reliable. We are currently using a Xerox Versant 4100. I believe for photo quality you will be much better off with the Versant.
There have been issues with toner and drums. We made it through the holidays OK because the dealer that we bought it through helped us get what we needed.
Your media (paper) will have big impact on the quality of your photo output on the Versant. In the past, photo labs have always sneered at CMYK toner printers and would tell you you can't get photo quality on them. In my opinion that is no longer true. Most photobooks are now printed on cmyk presses.


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