Introduce yourself!


Hi everyone,

My name is Lee and I have worked in print for 20 years. I work for edwardthompson who produce mainly for the leisure/bingo industry. We are based in Sunderland, England but have numerous sites around the area.

I started my journey in the industry back in 1988 when I left school and walked into the job centre. There I was handed an apprenticeship with edwardthompson and I have never looked back.

I am now a supervisor in a commercial print dept. where we run a SM74, GTO52, Konica digital and a LFDP as well as various other presses.

I stumbled upon PrintPlanet a while ago and am so glad I did. It has proved invaluable as a source of info and experience!.

Thanks, Lee


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My name is Darren and I am a technical director of <a href="">Steam Software.</a> We write business management software for the print industry. Our software drives profit from sales staff and automates and deskills workflow. Everything from basic CRM to full business management. Its web based, rented and modular.

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Hi so here is my starter for 10...
I have been in prepress and repro for the last 14 years, have worked on all the usual programmes and some of the more specialist ones, like Artpro, which I have used from the very first edition. I have helped setup and run numerous departments, from prepress to digital print and CTP.
I work in Slough as a repro supervisor for a multinational company and in my spare time enjoy photography. (Flickr: wheels3217's Photostream).
and thats it.


hi am Arunoday,
I am an Printing Engineer working since last 10 years ..

Started as Trainee for a sheet fed press ,now working for regional indian newspaper(Language TELUGU) as QC - Printing

bit depressed :confused: choosing this feild but i njoyed well as i progress ...:)
Just started at my new plant to standardise the work flow..

as time is major factor for newspaper proffessionals ...fetch some spare time and njoy playing cricket with mates...

just joined here can gain some info.:) and very much delighted with notes here..

I appreciate printplanet team..and thanks

Arunoday( people can also call me Arun :))


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Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

My name is David. I have been in the graphic design field for about 20 years. I have always worked on computers. I started with version 1 of just about everything. I used PageMaker 1 on Windows 2. I used CorelDraw 1 and 2 on Windows 2. When I saw Windows 3, I was flabbergasted. I just thought it was the coolest thing. Way before that I used one of the very first Macs. I thought it was such a toy. Years later, we all know what happened. I also started with Photoshop ver. 3, but the bulk of my work in the beginning was done with Ventura Publisher ver.1 & 2. It was in the GEM environment and even back in 1989-90, I had a two monitor setup with a VGA color monitor and a full-page grayscale portrait monitor for layout with Ventura. I've gone from 12-Mghz 286 with a 10 MB hard drive to something quite a bit faster. Times have changed!

I have always worked with offset printers, but in the last 2 years, I have worked for a small marketing and print shop using a Xerox DC5000. We do mostly variable data printing, including image personalization. This is very fun stuff, for me. We still use PCs and are using CS3 along with XMPie for our variable stuff.

That's where I am now. Glad to have a job in a hurting economy.



Hey. My name is Randy, I have been in the pressroom side of things since 1978 (um, I started when i was 5;)) My background until 2003 was mostly coldset web offset in the business forms world, but have been in web heatset printing (newspaper inserts/ads) for the last 6 years. Experience at my current employer where i am the production manager is with Didde, Harris, and Heidelberg (web 8) webs. I understand the prepress workflow, but am not by any means well-versed in it. I joined this forum to hopefully learn some things, and occasionally even contribute!


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Hi, I'm Russell.

I've worked in the plastics industry for about twenty years now.
My company supplies rigid vinyls, synthetic papers and A-PET sheets and rolls to the printing industry.

As a supplier of plastic substrates I am always trying to learn about the equipment and processes that we sell our product for.

Clay Perry

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My name is Clay Perry and I manage a dealer in Atlanta that supplies parts, rollers and equipment for the printing industry. Come visit us at


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Greetings from Milwaukee

Greetings from Milwaukee

Hello everyone, my name is Hal Hinderliter and I'm a former prepress production guy who morphed into an industry consultant/author about 14 years ago. These days I mainly create custom training programs for industry vendors, but I'm also the Workflow Editor for Graphic Arts Monthly magazine. I've also started to post weekly video blogs at the magazine's website, Graphic Arts Online, Applied Printing, Finishing & Postal Technology - just click on the "VIDEO" tab at the top of the page (next to "TECHSPOT") to see my stuff :)


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Hi everyone. I'm Jim, and I run CompuDoc, Inc.
We're an independant prepress sales, service, and consumables shop located near Chicago, Il.
We specialize in film systems from Agfa, AutoLogic, and ECRM, and are pretty good with Harlequin Rip systems.

One new line may may be interested in is our FitXtra Thermal plates.

Drop me a line at Jim AT
or check out our website.


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Image Square Print & Graphics

Image Square Print & Graphics

We are Image Square Print & Graphics, located in Santa Monica, Ca. We do 4 color sheet fed offset work as well as on-demand printing for short and fast turn around jobs. We use Xerox digital presses as well as Xerox b&w docutech and HP over size in our digital operation. In our offset division we use Ryobi, Presstek and Mitsubishi. Full bindry in-house has enabled us to deliver every job on-target, on budget and always on time.
Looking forward to hear from every one.


Hi my name is Dhaval,

I am from India and running our family business of pre-press across the country. Presently handling the Digital platemaking for Flexographic Printers (CDI & FAST). Also handling the workflow management within the company.

Our company's name is Colour Dot (Madras) Pvt. Ltd and we are based at South India - Chennai. Our main client is Tetra Pak (India) Ltd, Pune for whom we have been supplying -ves for past 10 years. We have been doing outsourcing work to US & New Zealand. we also provide our services, mainly flexo, to pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania and are trying to reach out to many other countries if possible.

Dhaval (Ppl can call me DRB)


Hi there,

My name is Joy Jia, I work for a printing company. Our company offers printing-on-demand based on HP indigo machines mainly to some websites, like Snapfish China, the products are photobooks, photo calendars......

Is there anybody in printing-on-demand business??

Joy Jia


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Hi Everyone

My position is a prepress technician at a large packaging company. We recently expanded and are running a 56" Man Roland and a 40" Hiedleberg, both sheetfed. I have been in the print industry for several years as a Graphic Designer, Independent Graphic Designer, Prepress tech in flexo and now offset sheet fed. I'm also a crossover from paste-up and process camera film/film to plate and now strictly to ctp technology. I look forward to using the forums and finding some expertise in the areas we are learning.




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My name is Rhett Prine ive been in printing for 22+ years and have enjoyed some of the posts Ive seen here. Nice to know there are others with similar issues and success's as I. Currently working for a 5 man prepress providing jobs for MAN700, MAN500, 662, 522, various small presses and letter presses also 2 NEXPRESS's and a flexo shop :D

and I fully agree...

"Never argue with idiots; they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"


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Hi Rhett:

Print planet sent me an email. Sounds like you have your hands full with that bunch of presses. A lot of technology!


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Hi there !

Greeting from India. In Print Industry since last 12 years specilised in equiptments, consumables and Tech support, had been only a observer of PP, but i now can share valuable experience with all freinds there!

Catch up!


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My name is Ed Struble. I graduated from the Graphic Communications program at Clemson University in December. I got hired at The Kennedy Group, a label printer in Cleveland, Ohio as the Color Management Specialist.

In my spare time I am an avid homebrewer. Looking forward to having some quality discussion!


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My name is Antonio and I am in press market last 17 years.
I always worked with prepress equipment (Crosfield, Linotype-Hell, ECRM, Itek, Fuji (FFEI), Xitron, Gretag, Xrite) and dedicated workstations (retouch, imposition ...).
More recently I am getting more interested in Process control and its correlates products (GMG, Techkon, InkZone) and plates and platesetters (Agfa, Presstek).
I am Arts Graphics technologist and field engineer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
These are the themes/products I hope I can contribute someway in the discussions.
Glad to join this community.:)


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