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Why Prepress is the most valuable~Printing Scam

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  • Why Prepress is the most valuable~Printing Scam

    I just saved our company $1600 U.S.

    I work in Prepress for a small printing company and thought this was fishy.

    We were printing 91,000 two-sided flyers with only some words on them. I noticed they were shipping them to TOGO (Our company is in Phoenix, AZ USA) and the cost was $1600 to ship.

    I found out our CSR and Finance Lady already got the money from their credit card. After the job would be printed they were going to pay for the shipping.

    Come to find out this is a scam. They provided the shipping company to use. It was some guy in Ghana. There was no phone numbers, only email addresses.
    So please be aware.

    p.s. Always thank your Prepress. They are THE single most important workers in any printing shop today. :-)

    Daren K

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    Re: Why Prepress is the most valuable~Printing Scam

    I was on the old prepressforums, so this is my first post here.
    Been in prepress for 25+ years and I am only 41. I have seen it all.
    This is why I hate front office persons now. They cant figure this scam out themselves before it wastes the prepresses time.
    We are too busy handling the CSR job along with the Pressman asking us every 5 minutes what their next job is going to be. I hate this business but this is all I know.

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      Re: Why Prepress is the most valuable~Printing Scam

      And if you get caught posting on the internet on company time, your a$$ will be fired.

      Good catch!


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        Re: Why Prepress is the most valuable~Printing Scam

        I wish my people would start reading and posting here.


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          Re: Why Prepress is the most valuable~Printing Scam

          This scam has been going on for a long time. Usually there is some TTD service involved in the communication. The customer is usually a priest or some sort of minister or a head master. The shipping is always overseas, they have a credit card, the credit card is always stolen... And some sort of wire transfer involving Western Union to pay shipping or some other "cost".

          If you get such a call collect the credit card info and call the credit card company. These people will shop around until they find some sucker.
          Matt Beals
          The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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