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  • Yours Truley Plugin_INDIGO 5000

    I was curious if anyone else is using Yours Truley Plugin for INDD CS3 and Quark 7 for printing to a Indigo 5000.

    Just started using not long ago. A couple of things I noticed, is that both have CYMK settings to print, however only Quark gives you options to select ICC profiles when printing to the device INdesign does not. Curious if anyone knew what was doing the conversion.

    I also found inside the Yours Truley Plugin sub-folders, a .csv file that contained the Pantone data base conversion for Spot colors into process for translation into Indigo's Pantone color space.

    I was able to edit the database with text edit tool and saved it.

    I did a test by adding 100% black to Pantone 100 and printed a file to the Indigo. It came out looking like Pantone 100.

    So I was wondering if anyone knew what exactly the .csv file is used for and or is there away to implement this in anyway to adjust Spot Colors conversions coming out of the Indigo.

    Steve Lehning

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    Re: Yours Truley Plugin_INDIGO 5000

    Interesting, we're only running YTD in Quark 6 & InDesign 2 at the moment. We have the updated versions of Quark & InDesign but I didn't see anything spectacular about the YTD Plug-in update that warranted the price that HP is asking.

    As for the .csv file, I'm not sure where it plays into the conversion, but I might be curious enough to mess around with the builds and see if it helps on press. We're not running the Orange & Violets so we tend to have to tweak color on press to get a decent conversion to PMS colors.


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      Re: Yours Truley Plugin_INDIGO 5000

      We are using YTD plugin in Quark 6. Our design staff is Adobe all the way, CS3. We use Quark only for YTD. INDD export .eps to Quark and out .jlt for the Indigo 3050, sure would be nice to eliminate Quark and use a INDD YTD plugin from CS3. I believe the .csv folder is in reference to variable data. Im not sure about where color space conversion profile's reside in the Indigo rip.

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