Really Enfocus? Really?


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How long has the golden master for 10.9 been to suppliers like yourself?
And yet, you release Pitstop Pro 12 without the ability to run in Mavericks?


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Who updates a point 0 operating system for production work? Crazy...

Oh, not I.
I have a separate hard drive with a fresh install of everything. I test it well before it goes out.
It is just sad that I have to buy Quark 10 (ARRGGHHH!) and that Pitstop has no solution. Other than that, so far, it rocks.

Stephen Marsh

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I have not tested things deeply, however I have seen no issues with v12 and Mavericks using Acrobat Pro X.

I have not yet tested Server.

Stephen Marsh
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This is what happens when you live on the bleeding edge. Being an early adopter is fraught with risk. Provence dictates setting up one system as a test bed. Or better yet, ask the vendor before hand.

Apple is known for making last minute changes.


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Hi all

Let me give you some background. At the moment Mavericks is not supported by PitStop and with good reason.

Yes we've had all the Mavericks beta versions, and yes there has been a golden master, but experience has taught us that Apple have a habit of making changes at the last minute which can cause us problems. In fact in the past we have claimed support for an Apple OS only for them to make a last minute change which created issues and a lot of hassle and extra work for us.

In fact with Mavericks you may know they made last minute changes to the Golden Master!!

So forgive us for being a little cautious and waiting for the actual Mavericks release version before completing our testing.

We've already found different behaviour if you install a clean version, upgrade from Mountain Lion, or upgrade from Snow Leopard so there's a lot to cover.

We are currently doing QA on Mavericks and we'll announce compatibility when we are really sure that it works as intended.

Also it's probably worth mentioning that we also have no idea when Apple are going to release a new OS, so when we plan our release schedules we make a best guess.

When PitStop 12 was ready for release (Release Candidate) and in final beta testing, Mavericks was still in it's beta cycle and we had no idea how far away the release was.

It's probably also worth noting at this point that Adobe only support Acrobat X and XI on Mavericks, so we will do the same and only test on those Acrobat versions.

Earlier versions of PitStop will not be Mavericks compatible.

If anyone wants any more information or would like to be kept up to date please mail me at and I'll keep you informed.


Thanks ABC
I've been looking for the answer (Official) for this.. that answer is quite reasonable. Look forward to the end result


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HI all, there is a beta version of PitStop 12 update 1 available that supports OSX 10.9, if you would like to test please contact
Please be aware only Adobe Acrobat X and XI will be supported on Mavericks


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Of course, you can get version 12 to test from the Enfocus website at the following URL
Free Trial

There is no difference between 12 and 12 update 1 other than the Mavericks support and that latest Microsoft OS updates


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I got right on this one. Been running it since yesterday morning. SO far, so good. Except, as is still the case...Acrobat 11 SUCKS!!!!!!!


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just ran into this, and figured out that Pitstop v9 works on Mavericks...strangely.
Hope that will help someone.

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