Switching from a Xerox 550 to a C60 or Versant 80?


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I am somehow still in the printing industry & it has overtaken the other aspects of the business to the extent we are now solely focused on print & do rather well actually.

After a 3 yr lease on a 560 which has been a huge learning curve, due to complaining about the 560 not holding alignment I have been offered a versant 80 or a C60 (which we're mainly interested in for the SIQA)

I am quite good at getting the alignment right manually now but it still takes a lot of time & paper & I feel the only way to grow is to solve the alignment puzzle.

I'm looking for some advice on the machines from someone who isn't trying to sell me anything :)

Does SIQA really make a huge difference?

IS the print quality any better? or are all 3 basically the same...print speed makes no difference to us.

We only run 200gsm mondi stock & we're solely focused on posters....I have NO interest at all in printing leaflets, menus or business cards...because there's like 20 printers in my city & it's a race to the bottom on price online too, so I'd rather sell printed products than a printing service.

I realise the above statement says I should probably look into equipment dedicated to poster printing.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks, Karl


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Our Versant 180 is great. SIQA is very easy compare to the J75 we used to have. Only need to adjust registration on stocks once or twice per year. I would get something with a bit more production capabilities so that you can sell into it as you grow rather than buy the same machine again. Also I think the PrimeLink is the newest generation of the 560/570 + C60/C70 line.


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I've spent the last five years doing mostly C60 and Versants and Iridesses now. You won't regret the Versant its a different class of machine. If you do a lot of walk up copies however you have to know it takes 50 seconds or so from dead cold to print a sheet.


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Hi :)

I never print 1 or 2 off, its always a printing session but I find the alignment with the 550 goes off very easily and sometimes I'm wasting a lot of paper chasing a fraction of a mm because our machine seems to ignore changes in alignment settings and just puts things where it wants to.

We even have the machine perfectly aligned for mono & then you switch to colour and it's totally off & ignores the test printouts so I'm done battling the machine.

I can easily spend 3 hours printing 30 sheets... I know that sounds insane.

This is the main reason we're switching.

Is the image quality better on the versant vs the C60? Having read the brochure i see the versant says it's "ultra HD" but that sounds just like sales pitch to me.

Cheers for your thoughts.



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Wow adjusting once or twice a year sounds good, i sometimes have to tinker with alignment after a few sheets on the 550 we have. It causes huge delays for us & wastes a lot of paper & time.


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We started out with a 560 then got a C75 before getting a Versant 2100, which is similar to the V80. The C75 provided a significantly better experience. The 2100 was mainly just faster. In my opinion the V80 or any C75 or J75 would be a great investment.

The Ultra HD isn't worth talking about. The V80 will register better. In my opinion the 550,560 and 570 aren't worth looking at for production.


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I agree about the 550, we mainly got it to do leaflets but after about 18 months of trying that & getting nowhere but approaching bankruptcy we switched to posters because with leaflets it would jam consistently.

After multiple engineer visits our click provider blaimed the paper, though the engineers disagreed.

Registration is terrible on the machines,, always changing & ours would easily wear out a fuser printing 1000 sheets & you really need fusers specifically to print different sizes because the fusers get grooves worn in the roll quickly & you can only use them for that size afterwards.

I will get an agreement on the new machine today & post my experiences on here.

Thanks for your help folks :)



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we upgraded from a v80 to v180 and it's a beast, actually, a megladon. we call it the meg. i calibrate every monday and every time i change more than one drum or toner cartridge. spot color is perfect. i had to do manual SIQA on the v80 but the document feeder on this one takes the 280 gsm we put through it great. we're moving to 300 gsm so i don't know if it'll do that or not. registration is good but sometimes slides a bit. seems to actually get better over time. extra oversize feeder was worth it. wish we got the performance package.
SIQA does make a difference. The c60 has good image quality but can't do structured stocks, doesn't duplex 300gsm, can't do envelopes, 660mm sheets and has little SIQA tools and alignment is manual. The Versant is a big step up. Also consider the Ricoh c5200 or wait until the new c5300. These offer better image quality and media handling.

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